Religious Right’s Hateful European Vacation

This weekend’s The World Congress of Families in Poland will be a veritable who’s who of homo-haters. The Family Research Council, Concerned Women For America, the American Family Association, Focus on the Family and a slew of other conservatives will gather to discuss Europe’s so-called slow decent into “post-modern West” hell.

From the Congress’ website:

Europe is almost lost; to a demographic winter and to the secularists. If Europe goes much of the world will go with it. Almost alone, Poland has maintained strong faith and strong families, though even Poland comes under severe pressure to change. Poland has saved Europe before. It is likely she will save Europe again.

When they say “save”, of course, they mean: eradicate any and all threats to the Christian, heterosexist agenda. No wonder they chose Poland.

The European nation has come under fire in recent months after President Lech Kaczynski and his cronies steered the small nation in a more conservative direction by banning a gay pride march (a move criticized as a human rights violation), suggesting a host of anti-gay laws and intimating that gay rights would lead to the complete and utter destruction of mankind.

Jon O’Brien of the liberal group, Catholics for a Free Choice, describes the Congress in frightening terms:

It’s a jamboree for people who very often find themselves outside the mainstream. They’re living the fantasy for a couple of days of what the world would be like if their ideas prevailed.

Sounds like a real hellish happening.

The most frightening aspect of the Congress may be the fact that it consolidates conservative ideology. As Congress founder Allan Carlson says,

It reflects the fact that the cultural battle has gone international. The American religious right, instead of being isolationist, has in fact gone global.

God help us all…

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