Rep. Eric Massa Is Gay. C’mon, Let’s Face It

You’ve been wondering it. We’ve been wondering it. And while Barbara Walters regrets these types of questions, Larry King asked Rep. Eric Massa if his unseemly groping of male staffers makes him a gay.

He didn’t like the question, and he refused to answer it. And we all know what that means. (Is Massa professing to be a heterosexual? Well, he wasn’t doing that last night.)

Massa, wisely, hid behind the “that’s offensive” defense. And not because it probed into Massa’s personal life (which everyone will be doing), but because it branded the gay community as, well, as disgusting as Eric Massa. And that is why the disgraced former congressman wouldn’t answer it.

And really, stop point to all your years in the Navy. Because talking about all the sailors we should speak to to assess your sexuality makes you sound like a giant ‘mo. On the other hand, thank you for 30 seconds of television that was more interesting than a whole hour of Glenn Beck.