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Reps. Michele Bachmann, Jason Chaffetz + Lamar Smith Team Up On Silly Prop 8 House Bill

I’m still not sure what to think about House Republicans introducing a motion to complain about Judge Vaughn Walker’s Prop 8 ruling. Part of me is all, “Well they had to say something to convince the social conservatives in America that they need to keep voting them back into office,” and the other part of me is all, “Really? That’s it? A silly little non-binding motion is the best you can do?” We know Republicans have been generally MIA on Prop 8 since Walker ruled it unconstitutional, but is Rep. Lamar Smith’s bill, which has 17 co-sponsors (including Reps. Michele Bachmann, Jason Chaffetz, and Steve King) the best they can do?

Of course these folks are issuing the usual disclaimers: We’re not bigots, we don’t hate gays, blah blah. It’s just that Walker was biased, and overturning the will of good tax-paying Californians is wrong.

Below, Bachmann on a tear.

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    Dear Michele Bachmann, Jason Chaffetz, and Steve King et. all: Gays getting married will have absolutley no affect and or effect on you nor your constituants. We are simply demanding the exact same rights which every other United States citizen enjoys as a birthright. Yet you continue to pander to the lowest form of bigotry and hate in your constant neverending attacks on our community…. FUCK YOU ALL, YOU VILE HATEFULL REPREHENSIVE SCUMBAGS………

  • Jimmy Fury

    “are the voters irrational too!?”
    Yes Michele, they are. That’s the problem.

  • demonyc

    @ #2 jimmy fury: “are the voters irrational too!?”

    i had to laugh at that too! it’s a fail on several levels, it willfully or ignorantly misinterprets “rational” as meaning the voting opponents’ frame of mind when it actually means the judging criterion — of which there are several.

    she also is suggesting that the judiciary branch of government, a constitutional safeguard against tyranny, defer to majority rule to make a decision.

    unless of course it’s the majority that wants reproductive rights or voted for gore, but nevermind!

  • christopher di spirito

    Michelle Bachmann looks more and more like a drunken crack whore everytime I see her.

  • Gary B.

    I think Michelle Bachmann is an evil fembot programmed by the religious right. She’s more animatronics than human.

  • edgyguy1426

    She’s turned inti the Jesse Helms of our generation (and she’d probably wear thet title proudly, too0


    @christopher di spirito: She is definatley methin’ around with somethin…… :p

    And being that each of the posters gots a thumbed down looks like she is a visitor to Queertyland also………..

  • Gorbeh

    I’m from Minnesota. I’m college age. EVERYONE my age I’ve talked to thinks she’s wack and have no idea how she got elected. Our school newspaper regularly bashes her. Honestly, when will she learn she’s unwanted? It’s my peers and I that will assume the mantle of society, we will be calling the shots soon, she needs to leave because she is impeding our progress!

  • Mark

    Another ubiquitous press conference with Bachmann demonstrating no observable capacity for logic. They should have put some kind of warning on it for pregnant women, heart patients, and anyone with an allergy to bullshit.

  • Queer Supremacist

    Another day, another reason to keep my moniker.


    @Queer Supremacist: I hate to say it, but I think you are good with your moniker for a few more decades……… :p

  • Queer Supremacist

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Also consider what an ugly crack whore she looks like compared to, say, Meredith Baxter or Portia DeGeneres.

    I’m not surprised by Bachmann. She’s got a German name; what were her relatives doing between 1939 and 1945?

  • B

    QUEERTY: “Of course these folks are issuing the usual disclaimers”

    And there’s the disclaimer they should be issuing but aren’t – there’s no chance in hell that this resolution will be passed or even come up for a vote.

    She’s obviously grandstanding to get conservative votes.

  • wombat

    @Jimmy Fury:

    Perfectly worded!

    Once again, ignore a ruling…. If these people understood the concept of equal protection (as you would hope any US Rep would), how could they stand on that pulpit an preach this bullshit?

    If only the voting masses were capable of critical thinking, than there would be accountability in politics.

  • Jeffrey

    Does this nutjob not realize that the “rational basis” test of a law’s constitutionality has nothing to do with whether voters are “rational” or not? It’s a legal term, not the judge’s indictment of the state of mind of California’s voters! I really, really don’t know what to make of the people of Minnesota who have elected and re-elected this woman several times. I mean, I would expect a mental defective to get elected in Alabama or Mississippi but Minnesota?!

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