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Rev. H.B. London Jr. Misses Opportunity To Tell Focus On The Family’s Hometown Something Anti-Gay

Rev. H.B. London Jr., a pastor working with Focus on the Family, hit up the 2011 Mayor’s Community Breakfast in Arcadia, California, as a guest speaker — and demonstrators outside let him and other attendees know they weren’t welcome. (FOTF was founded in Arcadia by James Dobson in 1977.) A guest of Mayor Peter Amundson, London did not, alas, mention gay marriage or homosexuality in his remarks. As for the 90ish folks gathered outside, he says: “I just believe this is democracy and if they disagree with my appearance here, they have every right to disagree with it as long as they are peaceful and respectful. Whatever they say or do is their conscience. They are speaking their conscience.” And they did, peaceably. No need for those ten cops and SWAT team, eh? [Pasadena Star News]