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Rev. Joel Osteen Doesn’t Ban Gays From His Church, Or Alcoholics Or Drug Addicts

Like Brian Brown and Mike Huckabee, the Rev. Joel Osteen is one of those “smiling bigots” who gets to defend his homophobia with the Bible. Returning to The View after last year’s argument that gays are not “God’s best” creation, the Houston-based pastor at Lakewood Church repeats he doesn’t “know” whether gay clergy (like Pastor Jim Swilley) and the Catholic Church are compatible. Then he goes on to compare gays to the drug and alcohol addicted, and it’s like, are we still paying this guy mind?

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  • gregger

    I’d just be laughing if we find out that he bottoms for rent boys, big black rent boys.

    Half of the smiling bigots have something major to hide. It’s always just a matter of time till it comes out or they do.

  • Fitz

    @gregger: Why is it a bigger deal if he is a bottom? Why is it a bigger deal if they are large and black? I am not following you. Or rather, I think I am: You seem to think that bottoming makes you MORE gay than topping? So sick of this top/bottom BS. Without a bottom, there is no top.

  • Dallas David

    @gregger: And why would it be a bigger deal if he was interested in black people? There’s everything to be said for inter-racial romance.
    I’ll just assume you were not aware of that . . .

  • Theo

    I am so sick of him. Another closet case, perhaps.

  • Bobby

    Yes, he thinks homosexuals are equal to drunks, drug addicts and all other people who have bad habits that need to be kicked.

    FUCK him and his fake, smarmy, slimy smile.

    I can’t believe THE VIEW allows this guy on their show.

  • Dan

    Keepin the Sabbath holy is a Commandment. Working on the Sabbath is punishable by death no exceptions (Exodus 35:2) but this guy routinely works on the Sabbath. He is a hypocrite. That’s why the only time Jesus got violent was to throw the merchants out of the temple. Jesus said Hypocrites and pharisees cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven, so according to Christ Himself this guy is not a Christian.

  • CJ Maciejeski

    @Bobby: I can. Say what ya will about smiley mclakewood, but MENTION ofhisname equals HUGE ratings. Bill and Babs like money. Advertisers like when guests have built-in followings (nee zealots) numbering in the millions.

  • alan brickman

    The view let this on??? Wasn’t Phelps available???

  • Nick

    Joel Osteen can blow me while I’m sipping a martini and snorting some coke…

  • ewe

    Osteen says the same thing Newt Gingrich did years ago. He is a bigot that wants more money and sounds like Laura Bush. Why anyone cannot see this guy is a complete phony and farce baffles me. Distorting a bible is neither a good habit nor the cessation of critical thinking.

  • ewe

    Osteen cannot get publicity any other way than to demonize minorities. He attacks gay people but would be going after blacks if he could get away with it. He is a godless human being that laughs in private at his exploits for cash. He is collecting bad karma and ignoring the tenets of gODD.

  • Jeffree

    Osteen luvs teh gheyz as long as we buy into his theology that says we are fallen & in need of redemption. He’s making millions hawking books & passin’ ’round the collection plate, but as Ella Fitzgerald sang w/ Louis Armstrong back in the day—“the shark has pearly teeth, dear”…..so we best bewàre of good dental work & a nice head of hair, because Joel aims to change us into something we’ re not::::: heteros.

  • Pip

    Hmm, yknow, I think Joel may be right. Being a lesbian isn’t the best choice for Barbara Walters.

  • Kieran

    I don’t know which was worse, the minister linking gays with alcoholics and drug addicts and his being unsure whether Bishop Jim Swilley should leave the Christian church after acknowledging his homosexual orientation, or Joy Behar who casually compares being gay with “deformity”.

  • Franco

    his smile is so fake. phoniness.

  • Sophie

    His smirk is so irritating.

  • Liz

    Is there anyone out there who preaches without hate for those seeking God or some higher power?

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