Richard Nixon Blogs From the Grave About the Gays on All in the Family

It’s rare that Queerty‘s obsessions overlap with those of Mr. Andrew Sullivan, he of the desire to see Sarah Palin’s medical records and the tortuously grandiose phrase, “Know hope”. But there is one small overlap on the Venn diagram of gay bloggers– and that’s an area we like to call “Richard Nixon.” Your editor is a Nixon fanatic– I’ve even been to the Nixon Museum in Yorba Linda (where, like a Simpsons joke, the Watergate exhibit was “under renovation”) and Nixon in China is my favorite opera of all time. Nixon is our nation’s lone Shakespearian tragedian, a conservative who by modern standards would be a liberal and a cultural touchstone a decade after his death, but what’s the real appeal?

Well, it’s the funny things he says on tape, of course! Take for instance, some Nixonian thoughts on All in the Family and The Gays.

What’s great about this clip isn’t that Nixon says he “understands” the gays (who he calls “queer” and “fairy” at various points), but that it is essentially a conservative blogger recap of an episode of All in the Family. Sullivan ought to be thankful Nixon is dead, because if Tricky Dick were still alive and kicking, you know he’d be running a blog called “Expletive Deleted” and kicking the pants out of poor old Sully.

The best bit of this (there are many) is when Nixon starts talking about how homosexuality destroyed the Greeks and says, “Aristotle was a homo, we all know that, so was Socrates” and then John Ehrlichman butts in saying, “But he never had the influence that television had” and Nixon mutters “Yeah” while he goes on about gay Roman emperors. God, I love that sonofabitch.