Rick Warren’s Budget for Hypocrisy Is $900,000 Short This Year


Rick Warren, the anti-gay pastor who just figured out how to use his Flip cam, sounds a bit like Nicholas Cage these days; gone broke and begging for cash.

Warren’s Saddleback Church is hurting — badly! — for cash. Donations are down, and Warren finds his org $900,000 short of breaking even for 2009. “THIS IS AN URGENT LETTER unlike any I’ve written in 30 years. Please read all of it and get back to me in the next 48 hours,” Warren writes congregants. Except he won’t share explicit financial details of the church, so it’s hard to tell whether $900k is a pittance to Saddleback, or represents a gaping hole in their books.

But with donations down to most organizations across the board in this economy, and with Warren’s clear signs of desperation, we’re going to assume Warren is in bad need of a fix. Or, you know, Warren is just being greedy, and begging supporters to give him their last few pennies before the clock strikes midnight.