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Ricky Martin Wasn’t Ready To Be Lusted After At Age 12

One day I was riding my bike and going from my house to school to church and back. Then I did an audition for this band that was very famous in Latin America [Menudo] and I went from being that kid to being a sex symbol. When you’re 12, you’re saying, ‘What is sex? I have no idea.’ But you have to be a sex symbol now. Was I ready for that? Did I know what that meant? All I know is that whenever I was shaking my hips, girls were screaming. That’s acceptance! It’s just what music brought. You can be a sex symbol through music or film. Hey, there are some politicians that are sex symbols. Is that something you should fight? No. Sex is very natural. Then again, my cultural approach toward things is also very sexual: the music, the drums, the way we dance, the way we flirt through music. It’s there. Don’t fight it. Just go with it and enjoy it and make people feel good about themselves.

Ricky Martin explaining what it means to be a sex symbol, though a better question would have been what it means to be a sex symbol to a bunch of horny gay boys (who now know you’re totally attainable) [via]

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