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Ricky Martin’s Ex-Boyfriend Eduardo Verástegui, the Prop 8 Supporter

Ricky Martin is a proud homosexual. He is also apparently the ex-boyfriend of a Prop 8 supporter. Ugh.

The Spanish-language magazine TV y Novelas claims this week that Martin once dated Eduardo Verástegui, the actor and Hispanic spokesman for California’s Yes On 8 campaign. Under the headline “Que Si Fue Pareja del Boricua” (“He Was the Boyfriend of the Puerto Rican”), the tabloid insists the pair were once a couple. Since, Verástegui has moved on to star in Papi Chulo (“Chasing Papi“) — and denounce the gay community to which he belongs.

In the above ad, Verastigui speaks vehemently in favor of Prop 8. He was also a campaign supporter of John McCain.

Notes a reader, who is much wiser about this than we: Eduardo got his start in a Mexican boy band before moving to television and modeling. His sexuality has always been questioned, and a supposed “daddy” in the Mexican TV biz made him a star. The Hollywood gays protected him when he his LA, the rumors go, all leading to his born again faith, and thus his support of opposite marriage.

Interestingly, the YouTube campaign against him began at least in January:

Of course we cannot blame Ricky for dating such a d-bag. But it shows even celebrities aren’t immune to falling for would-be terrible people. See: Sandra Bullock.