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Roger Stone defends Matt Gaetz, says he’s being smeared for having big balls. Wait, what?

When it comes to lurid Republican sex scandals, all roads always seem to lead to “try-sexual” Roger Stone in some way or another, and the latest teen sex/prostitution scandal involving Matt Gaetz is no exception.

On Wednesday, Stone offered a passionate defense of the antigay congressman, claiming he is the victim of a smear campaign by people who are jealous of his big balls. Or something.

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“The ‘leaked’ smear on Congressman Matt Gaetz is an extortion play and an effort to destroy the up and coming conservative leader who has the balls to call the left out,” he wrote on Parler, the social media site that has become popular for MAGA cult members who have been banned on Twitter.

Stone also called Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Michael Schmidt, who broke the Gaetz story, the “single most dishonest fabricator of the Russian hoax narrative in American press corps. And now he’s doing it again with the smear of @MattGaetz. Watch for the slap down of this cretin #The NewYorkTimessucks.”

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Stone and Gaetz are both staunch Trump supporters and have been friends for several years. A 2017 photo of them, alongside Joel Greenberg, who is accused of helping Gaetz coordinate and negotiate his meetups with prostitutes, has been recirculating on social media this week.

Folx on Twitter don’t seem the least bit surprised by Stone inserting himself into Gaetz’s sex scandal…

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