State Should Stay Out Of People's Romantic Affairs

Ron Paul On Gay Marriage

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul’s libertarian roots came out full force during an interview with ABC’s 20/20. Rather than taking a direct stand against gay marriage, the Texan expressed tacit approval of state-based marriages, but insisted he thinks the traditional institution should stay in the church:

John Stossel: Homosexuality. Should gays be allowed to marry?

Ron Paul: Sure.

Stossel: The State says, we will believe in this?

Paul: Sure they can do whatever they want and they can call it whatever they want , just so they don’t expect to impose their relationship on somebody else. They can’t make me, personally, accept what they do, but they gay couples can do whatever they want. In fact, I’d like to see all governments out of the marriage question. I don’t think it’s a state function. I think it’s a religious function. There was a time when only churches dealt with marriage, and they determined what it was. But 100 years or so ago for health reasons they claim that the state would protect us if we knew more about our spouses and we did health testing and you had to get a license to get married and I don’t agree with that.

If only we could invent a time machine and stop the state’s marital hijacking. Or, better yet, if we only people could accept the fact that the state’s now part of marriage and should treat everyone equally.

We’ve included the video after the jump. Paul’s queer comments come around the 2:20 mark.