Ronald Reagan Feared His Twinkle-Toed Son Was Gay

Portrait of the First FamilyJust because Ronald Reagan couldn’t talk to America about gays (and more specifically his fumbling silence over the national health crisis that AIDS posed) doesn’t mean he was in complete denial over gay people.

Case in point? He was mighty fearful that his son Ron “played for the other team.”

Ron dropped out of Yale to pursue a life in the — gasp — arts! And not the butchy arts like woodworking or sculpting. No, the ballet was young Ron’s jam and it put the fear of Mary in the most powerful man on Earth.

In a recent Q&A published in the Lincoln Center Theater program for the play “The City of Conversation,” Christopher Buckley, the novelist son of William F. Buckley, discussed Reagan Sr.’s doubts and fears over Ron’s potential queerness.

“My father and Reagan were close, and my dad had always acted as a kind of godfather to the Reagan children, so Reagan called up my dad and expressed to him his worry that this meant that his son played for the other team,” Christopher said.

My dad ventured the opinion that all people in the arts might not be gay, but there wasn’t much he could really say about this, and, of course, we now know Ron’s not gay.”

In other news, all professional athletes aren’t straight and some people are, get this, bisexual.

h/t NY Post