Actress Evan Rachel Wood Is A Proud Bisexual And Wants You To Know It

M_Id_406251_Evan_Rachel_WoodEvan Rachel Wood makes some good points.

The 26-year-old film and TV actress who is married to British actor Jamie Bell, of Billy Elliot fame, came out publicly as bisexual in 2012, largely to help neutralize the stigma she experienced from the straight and gay worlds alike.

Speaking earlier this month at the newly-monikered Los Angeles LGBT Center, she said:

“I remember growing up not knowing it was a thing, feeling very confused, feeling very alone. So that is one of the reasons why I came out publicly, to help another struggling 12 year old who is terrified – just to let them know it’s okay and that it is very real. Your trials and tribulations are just as real as anybody else’s.”

It’s hard enough coming to terms with going against society’s expectations as an adolescent and recognizing where your attractions lie, but having an even more fluid sexuality must make things that much more difficult to navigate.

Coming out stories from bisexuals are few and far between, and perhaps that’s part of the reason for the misunderstandings from both sides of the spectrum.

“There’s this weird stigma about it and I’m hoping to kind of end that because soooooooo many people are bisexual,’ she told Gay Star News in an interview. ‘There are many of them out there.”

We wouldn’t mind hearing from more of you.