Rosie Calls Oprah Out


Rumors about Oprah‘s possible lesbianic ways, but having dyke extraordinaire Rosie O’Donnell join in the questioning – on national television, no less – makes them all the more fun.

While we missed The View on which Rosie says that Oprah and her long-time lover, er, we mean, friend, Gayle King may be “a tiny bit gay,” we sure do love the video. And we love the reader who sent our way even more.

Follow the link and see for yourself. It’s worth noting that on her blog, Rosie describes Oprah as “brilliant,” “beautiful,” and “something else all [sic] together.” Sounds to us like Rosie wants to get up in Oprah’s vagi-gi. Now that’s a scary image.

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  • Bryan

    “Tonight, it’s Oprah & Gayle’s Big Adventure! Then tomorrow Oprah interviews the Gay Governor about his sex scandal!” …So went a radio ad for Oprah’s premiere Monday.
    At the time, it almost sounded like they were calling Gayle the gay governor. It was Jim McGreevy of course, but Oprah certainly didn’t go to any great length to seperate the two events!

  • Janny

    Rosie is an idiot from A to Z!!!

  • Janny

    Rosie gives the name “woman” a bad name. None of us want to be like her or Ellen Digeneris or anyone else like “that”. Please go away and give your poor kids a break.

  • mazeppa

    Janny…….you ignorant slut.
    (if ever that phrase were more appropriate)

  • Sylvia

    What a waste of talent. Rosie was so welled liked when she did her day time talk show and was in the closet. Her magazine wasn’t bad either. After her show went off the air, she was sued by her publishers, Rosie came out of the closet and turned into a militant gay person. We do not like this Rosie. Go back, go back, go back in the closet. I blame two-faced, lying Barbara Walters for all of this mess. I guess the next possibly gay woma will be any other American woman who has a sisterhood with another female.

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