Rosie O’Donnell Is Coming Back to Daytime. With Oprah!

She won’t be relying on a broadcast network for her big television return: Rosie O’Donnell will next year launch a new daytime talk show on Oprah‘s new network OWN, the pair announced today. That channel is costing an estimated $100 million just to launch, and I can’t imagine Rosie comes cheap. But! If OWN sticks around, I think it’s the best fit for Rosie given the current TV landscape.

Rosie is also the show’s producer (duh) and was shopped to OWN by “by longtime Warner Bros. syndication veterans Dick Robertson and Scott Carlin, now of SantaBu LLC Inc.,” reports TV News Check “The show will be a daytime one-hour daily show based in New York. OWN said ‘fans can anticipate a fun, uplifting show with Ms. O’Donnell’s playful and energetic style.’” What’s this mean for Rosie’s new-ish relationship with Tracy Kachtick-Anders, who is based in Texas?

While Rosie’s show was on the air from 1996 to 2002, she and Oprah weren’t necessarily competing for the same viewers, but you know how these things are; they’re always competitive in terms of bookings, ratings, and revenue. Now if Rosie welcomes Tom Cruise as her first guest, all will be right in the world.

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  • Jack

    I honestly hope and wish the best for her; I know many find her annoying, and a “leftist communist”, or whatever the hell that is.

    Truth is, besides Ellen and Etheridge, she was one of the few public lesbians heading into the 2000’s. Between the gun issues, being ambushed by Bill O’ Reilly and coming out, it was a lot to handle. She-and I can relate-seemed to revert to this state of mind where everything posed a possible threat. It must have been hard to trust people, and I’ve had that same feeling.

    And like any celebrity, she can be a bit full of herself, but we’re all guilty of it. Then again, she’s donated dozens if millions to charity, and she does a lot for children.

    You can see what I’m talking about, the difference. A simple conversation between Her and Elisabeth Hasselbeck turned into a feud. But when she was discussing a rather heavy issue with Mike Huckabee on her radio show, she was calm, cool and collected.
    I hope she can remain sane and docile, without being bland and afraid to offend.

  • slobone

    Does that mean she’s going to start wearing makeup again?

  • troy

    I can’t wait. Way to go Rosie!

  • CJ

    There are a lot of people who disagree with Oprah, Ellen and Rosie on their political and social stances. But, of the three, Rosie comes across as the more angry and divisive person… the more outspoken of the three. I think that this attribute is what causes more people to prefer Oprah and Ellen for their “talk-show” enjoyment. People enjoy being lifted up and encouraged. There is already enough negativity everywhere else. Oprah and Ellen usually communicate a positive and uplifting message. You normally don’t see them picking fights with people, getting all political, etc. I don’t have anything against Rosie. That’s just the way I see it when I compare the three.

  • Damien

    @CJ: You’re right and that is why Rosie is obviously the best out of all three of them!

  • Bill Nickols

    Rosie is not afraid to speak her mind…whether she is right or wrong in your mind she is not afraid to call the shots. We need that kind of voice right now…with the Democrats being such pussies and the repubs being such lying scumbags, we need a voice to speak up. I have always like Rosie and will continue to like her. Yeah, she may not be perfect but man don’t get on her wrong side….

  • Ash

    @Damien: Agreed!

  • christopher di spirito

    I loved Rosie’s old show. Used to tape it when she had a guest I liked and watched it after I got home from work. She’s a good fit for daytime. People like her.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @alan brickman: We need her like we needed AIDS.

    Whatever her personal/political beliefs, Ellen has probably done more to advance us publicly just by not being a raving psychopathic conspiracy theorist.


    Should be interesting because when she was last on she was not Lesbian Rosie, but Ambigious Rosie still professing her love for the closeted midget. Be interesting to see if middle America embraces her again……….

    The more open Gays who are in front of a microphone the better………….

  • Queer Supremacist

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: This is one open gay who should NOT be in front of a microphone. Remember Rosie Live? I’m surprised poor Liza didn’t fall off the wagon again the morning after.


    @Queer Supremacist: OK, not her finest hour! And Liza falling off the wagon??? I think she rode the wagon to that show…. :-p

  • Franco

    So excited and happy for Rosie! I think it’ll be great.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Don’t make me remind you of Exit to Eden or the movie versions of Car 54 Where Are You and The Flintstones. Or her 9/11 Trutherism.

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