Rosie Speaks Out


We’ve gotten some flack for talking shit about Rosie O’Donnell, the self-appointed lesbian queen bee, but this time we’re actually celebrating her. On a recent episode of The View, which we didn’t watch because, well, we just couldn’t be bothered, O’Donnell slams right-wing Christian ideology. Here’s a sample of her argument with The View’s less-than-intelligent Elizabeth Hasselbeck:

“Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America where we have a separation of church and state. We’re a democracy here.”

Hasselbeck seemed shocked by the comparison.

“Hang on,” Hasselbeck interrupted. “We are not bombing ourselves here in the country. We are being attacked.”

“No,” replied O’Donnell. “But we are bombing innocent people in other countries. True or false?”

We can only imagine the look of dumbfounded shock on Hasselbeck’s adorable white face. Someone sent us the video, but it’s all mucked up. Extra points to the reader who can get it to us. We need to see something uplifting today.

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  • justaguynatl

    I’m surprised more people aren’t calling for Bush et al to be tried for war crimes. No wonder they are trying to slip this legislation (a bill preventing them from being tried of war crimes) by us!

  • John Adams

    Dear Rosie,

    Darn if those Amish haven’t been flying airplanes into buildings, on your planet.

    Muhammad, founder of islam had his followers murder his political enemies, stole their lands, sold their widows and children off into slavery, had is followers steal and he child raped his 6 year old bride when he was 54.

    Did Christ do any of these things? No. Isn’t history a bitch to liberals?

  • NYSailorScout

    Don’t mention history and Christianity. The Bible is FILLED with horrendous acts committed by God and his prophets. Muhammad is no different.

    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
    -Mahatma Gandhi

  • GayCowboyBob

    I personally find the President’s religious allusions and terminology disturbing. Conservative Christians more generally support the war, part of his “base” so to speak. But it does a disservice to the tenets of the religion and the reputation of the United States as a society of religious freedom.

    Anyone catch the trailer for the upcoming “Jesus Camp?” These are the kind of people we’re talking about, who while recognized as near loonies by the majority of society, hold a substantial amount of swaying power in the guilt they throw on more liberal viewpoints of Christianity. They freely attribute their actions to the “will of God” and too few people have put their foot down to this carte blanche reasoning.

  • Matt

    Radical Christianity is like Radical Islam? I disagree. Last time I checked, Radical Islam wanted all homosexuals dead (i.e. the hanging of those two Iranian men). When has Pat Robertson or the Christian right in this country ever asked for all homosexuals to be killed. They just want us to stop being homosexuals. I’ll take the Religious Right any day over Radical Islam.

  • jack e. jett

    i think i love this new rosie. i have kind of always had a like her/love her/hate her/love her again/like her again vibe.
    now i think i am deep deep lesbionic love with her, however, i don’t want to john cameron mithchell her.

    jack jett

  • Tommy

    [Baptist Minister Fred Phelps] says he protests to help people repent and America is doomed if it doesn’t heed his message. A first step for the national repentance? He says it is criminalizing sodomy.

    “And you have to attach the penalty of death to it,” said Phelps.

  • Jean

    We have Christian politicians such as Tom Coburn who call for abortion doctors to be put to death and then say the homosexuality is the greatest threat to the United States. Rob Finberg, who ran for Senator in Hawaii, stated that he would support a law requiring the execution of people who engage in “homosexual acts.” People claiming to be Christian bomb abortion clinics and gay bars.

    Ever since I was little, I have heard numerous “Christians” stated that gay men deserve AIDS.

    It’s not whether or not Radical Christians want all homosexuals dead. Its just that they are not likely to act on it.

  • Matt

    Okay Jean, I understand that Radical Christians probably want us dead, they just don’t act on it. I can live with that. As long as I have a roof over my head and a job, I’m happy. Oh well, I can’t marry. We all can’t have everything we want in life.

  • akaison

    The only thing that separates radical Islam from radical Christianity is the argument that Rosie makes: separation of church and state. Those of you here conveniently ignoring this element of her argument – miss the whole point. What she’s talking about are the radical Christianists such as Dobson, Farwell and Co, who if they could- would act like the crazy Islamists. The only reason they dont is that we have forced them through the Constitutional process not to do so. For the record, I believe in God, but I find the crazy folks who use it as a weapon like the Christian right does to be dangerous to other peo of faith and to minority view pts of all strips. This isn’t a left or right issue- by the way- because even some conservatives like Andrew Sullivan have been calling out the crazy christian right.

  • Karen

    Radical Christians do act on it. There have been bombings and shootings at abortion clinics. There have been many murders over the years that were done in the name of God. Also, how about the crazy “Army of God” people?

  • akaison

    also it should be pointed out that part of the reasoning behind white supremacy groups and groups like the folks who bombed Oklahoma City were based on Christian thought

  • Jeff

    I’m sorry, but her moral equivalency argument between the Christian Right and Islamic Extremists is totally wrong + offensive. Rosie is not forced to wear a veil, or beaten with a stick if she shows too much skin, nor would she be even if the Christian Right had more control in this country. Rosie, try living under the Taliban/Iran for a bit and then come back and tell us how similar they are to the Christian Right. And Phelps is such a bad example… he has like 5 ‘supporters’, all of whom are related to him.

  • Tommy

    And they won’t ever have control, as long as we have a constitution.

  • Lezzy

    This is silly. I were we in an Arab country we’d be stoned to death. Did Christ ever tell anyone to stone a gay? I don’t think so.

    Homosexual murders are demanded by the Quran. Rosie is one sick puppy and makes me made calling herself a lesbian! To bash Christians is one thing but to compare them with Muslims who are required by Sharia law to kill us, Rosie you are pathetic!

  • Tommy

    Also Jeff, she did not compare the Chritian Right with Islamic Extremists, she compared religious radicals.

  • Tommy

    Yes, Lezzie, have you read the Bible? Do you know anything about sharia? According to Christian radicals, homosexuals are to be put to death according to the Talmudic law as set down in the Bible, which is also the basis of sharia.

  • Charlie

    Rosie’s point is totally valid. Some of you guys seem to have a lot of misconceptions about Islam; equating all (or a majority) of muslims with Iran, the Taliban etc. The muslim world IS bigger than that you know. The comparisons that Rosie makes between the attitudes of religious fundamentalists are valid. Both sides are hateful and misguided. And whilst you may have people being openly and brutally murdered in state-sanctioned fashion in certain Islamic countries, in your country the poor and unfortunate -the discriminated against- are locked out of a fair and just lifestyle no matter what their `minority’ status because of an administration that values the needs of a tiny elite and their corporate interests above the welfare of the broader country.
    And by the way John Adams, don’t pigeonhole people by referring to them as `liberals’. Just because someone values debate and understanding about different cultures doesn’t mean they are a `bleeding heart’, It just means they have a degree of empathy that you probably lack.

  • Pat

    Islamic Extremists have theocracies , which is the aim of the Christian right.

  • Kamasutra Jones

    The goal of Islam, especially radical Fascist Islam, is the ultimate conversion of all people to the path of Mohammed. It is also the goal to destroy the non-converted, the kaffir. Check out, for exactly what the “religion of peace” stands for. Rosie is a self-aggrandising, egotistical, bigoted, hyper-critical idiot. She is certainly not representative of MY gayness by any stretch of the imagination. I wish someone would just put a potato in her mouth once and for all.

  • Dante Beze

    In all basics, radical is radical. The KKK is no different than the Taliban in my eyes. The idea that Radical Christians are somehow “not as bad” as Radical Muslims is an example of intellectual dishonesty at it’s best.

  • spiffy

    I find it fascinating that some Christians are soooooooo touchy when somebody makes a comment about their religion — not even the relgion itself, but a radical sect — and they wonder why Muslims get offended when people lump all of them together and label them all terrorists?

    And don’t worry… Agree with her or not, Kamasutra Jones, Rosie wasn’t representing your gayness — she merely stated her own View. Just because Rosie’s more open with her personal life now, doesn’t mean she’s representative of all gays. I’m glad someone’s finally at that table to challenge Hasselbeck though. So sad… So young, so pretty, yet so delusional.

  • Christian

    You are all loved.
    If you find that you are being outcast by a church, then they are not following the christian way.
    Please try a different, understanding, christian church.
    We are not the judgers of your life. That is not our role.

  • westvi

    Um, weren’t the guys who killed Matthew Shephard conservative christians?

  • Jo

    westvi wrote: “Um, weren’t the guys who killed Matthew Shephard conservative christians?”

    Nope, they were not conservative christians, but druggies and partyers that wanted to rob and than kill a gay person. There are a lot of non-Christians who don’t like gay people also. Just because some does a hate crime doesn’t mean they were Christians. That is just narrow minded bigotry.

    They were not Conservative Christians.

    I am a Gay person and there is big difference between living as a Gay person in a Christian Country than being a Gay person in Islamic Countries, even moderate ones.

    If you Gay in Muslim Countries you can jailed, hanged (like several were this year) and tortured. There is a big difference between being Gay in a Christian Country and being Gay in a Muslim country.

    …and for those of you are “Atheists”. That is WORSE in Islamic countries.

    It is against the law Islamic Countries to be an Atheist. In some countries they will kill Atheists, where they will leave Christians alone.

    Do your research when comparing Christianity, Islam and Atheisim.

    In Islamic Countries Atheists and Gays are a big target. Especially those that have Sharia Law. That is why Roise is ignorant to compare the two.

  • Jo

    The big difference with Islamic Countries, even Moderate ones, and Christian Countries is that in modern times many Gays in Muslim Countries are imprisoned, tortured and state-sponsered murdered.

  • Jo

    akaison says:
    “also it should be pointed out that part of the reasoning behind white supremacy groups and groups like the folks who bombed Oklahoma City were based on Christian thought”

    So is forgiveness, the golden rule, equality, and charity that is biased on Christian “thought”.

    Many of our ideals of equality and charity are based on the Bible and “The Golden Rule”. Many of the modern day charitable organizations were based on bibical teachings to help the homeless, widows, orphanges and the poor.

    In fact Islam also has Jesus, Mary, Abraham and most of the principles of Judisim and Christianity, but more “pure to their text” or in other words more extreme…depending on how religious you are or how frightened you are about religion.

    In Islamic law there is no room for dissent or atheisim. You cannot blasphme and question the Koran or the Prophet Mohammed. If you do, you will be put to “the sword” (to death).

    That is why there is no comparision between the two. Here the Christians don’t put you to death for “biitching” about your relgion (or your lack of religion), like in many Islamic countries.

  • Martini-boy

    You make a good point, JO. ALL religions have positive qualities to them which help make people better human beings, and which gives a great sense of purpose to those who are seeking a purpose in life. HOWEVER, extremists of all kind are the problem because they often base their versions of a religion on hatred and intolerance. These are the people we should be attacking, not entire populations of people who are otherwise innocent and trying to make a (positive) difference in this world. Extreme Christians and extreme Muslism are both as guilty (even though they might not think so) in creating a sour, hostile environment for people all over the world.

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