O'Donnell video shows Bill O. outfoxed

Rosie Takes O’Reilly for a Spin

0330odonnell.jpgBill O’Reilly has made it his business in recent months to stalk Rosie O’Donnell in an attempt to force her to account for what he sees as the former View host’s belief that 9/11 was an inside job. His most recent intrusion into Rosie O’s life came on Saturday when a producer from The O’Reilly Factor barged in on an O’Donnell book-signing in New York with cameras in tow. Little did they know Rosie O. had her own camera crew in tow and a modus operandi of refusing to indulge O’Reilly in that which he craves most: attention.

Keep reading to see both video feeds…

Of course, “The Factor” had its own perspective on what went down to counter Rosie’s version of events. In true “No Spin Zone” style, however, we thought we’d throw the two vids up next to each other to give you Queerty readers the last word…

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