Rosie Understands That Bullying Made Tracy Morgan Want To Stab Gay Kids

When Tracy Morgan recently appeared on the low rating Rosie Show with Rosie O’Donnell, he explained that he would never stab his hypothetical gay son because he knows what it’s like to be bullied too.

Rosie forgives him on behalf of all the lesbian talk show hosts on the Oprah Winfrey Network. But it seems like everyone who says anti-gay things these days just turns around and claims that they too are victims of bullying. It’s getting pretty tiresome.

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  • Allen D.

    Here we fucking go again. I wonder if Queerty will still be posting stories about this in 5 years. I still took his routine as basically saying “everyone gets bullied. If my kid came up to me and complained about it, I’d stab him”. That’s my interpretation. Then again, perception is a funny thing sometimes.

  • hunnylvr

    That’s not all he said.. I saw the whole interview. His claim is that he’s never been a homophobe, has gay family members, Rosie stated she has been friends with him for years, and he’s never had issues since she’s known him, etc.. Maybe try not to spin so much when you throw these stories out there. Btw, I couldn’t give two shits about Mr. Morgan one way or the other – but I did actually watch the show, and you’re skimping the details to fit your typically dramatic headlines

  • Michael

    Look I do not hate Rosie but she’s ignorant in this area.She was also ignorant about Prop 8 even avoiding helping in any way that she possibly could.For example on her blog back in 2008:

    Apparently just because she did not live in California the cause was not important to her because she WAS married at the time to Kellie.

    Rosies made a lot of stupid statements though I did like her on The View as did my family.But sorry I completely disagree with her that is not an excuse to claim that you would murder your child if he told you he was gay.Morgan is a homophobe and not a reformed one either that is obvious those ridiculous meetings with GLAAD did absolutely nothing to make him see the errors of his ways.

    He even stupidly made a stereotypical comment about if his son was gay he would get him to decorate his room on this video. No he has not learned he is just as homophobic as he was previously making EXCUSES claiming we were the ones butthurt by his comments and LYING now claiming his comments were just supposed to be humorous not hateful or harmful.Moron.

    People like Rosie are what are called enablers her automatic forgiveness just because they have been friends for years lets him think that what he did was no big deal and he can do it again and be easily forgiven AGAIN.Same with her infatuation with that unstable homophobe Tom Cruise for years shes friends with that moron yet he hates her being gay and everything about it.Talk about being desperate for friends you’ve got a massive low self esteem to be friends with people that do not even accept you for what you are much less look at you as a human being.I await the Rosie lovers jumping on me for simply having a difference of opinion about her as well as the Tracey Supporters unbelievably but sadly true there are indeed some in this community.

  • Michael

    Not to mention anyone with any intelligence or common sense would comprehend that if YOU were bullied then it makes you a hypocrite to then BULLY others period.

  • Yers

    Love rosies new show. We watch it every night.

  • Cam

    @Allen D.: said…

    “If my kid came up to me and complained about it, I’d stab him”. That’s my interpretation.”

    No, actually he said that if his kid was gay he’d stab him. But nice attempt to rewrite history.

  • Jeff

    Rosie is a media whore and out of touch with reality, and out of touch with issues that actually effect GLBT people.

    She opens up her fat mouth and barks and makes it all sound as though what Tracy Morgan said as “comedy” is somehow not hate speech or homophobia.

    Why is Rosie even famous anyway? Her talkshows suck including when she was on The View and bashed men daily like some lesbians are into doing, and she’s a talentless actress.

  • Damon

    Rosie IS NOT a nice person. She is a nasty rageaholic and poison to work for. She has a history of intentionally doing harm to people. Rosie does not deserve your respect or patronage. Find someone who deserve your attention, not this creature.

  • Tony

    Rosie may be a bit unstable. But, I take her over Tracey Morgan any day. He meant what he said when he said it. It’s only now that he pretends he didn’t mean it. He did mean it. On top of that he’s not funny.

  • Chuck

    If there was not a double standard still alive and well in America when it comes to homophobia, Tracy Morgan would be done. Dr. Laura and Imus said equivalent statements about African Americans and they were done. Simple as that. Threatening physical violence against your gay son is in many ways worse than what Dr. Laura and Imus said. Tracy Morgan is dead as far as I am concerned. All gay people should continue to boycott him and realize that our society again fails the gay community with this obvious double standard. Say racist things, you’re fired. Say homophobic things, we forgive you. Not acceptable. Why do gay people deserve any less than any other minority, especially in this tragic time of gay teen suicides.

  • kylew

    @Chuck: Well said Chuck

  • Franco

    I love Rosie and I am irked by Queerty’s “low rating” quip. If you watch the show, you’ll learn it’s a very entertaining hour and she’s doing something great, read this review praising her for refusing to play it safe:

    Ratings does not equal quality.

    Also, is it too much for Queerty to fact check, and proof-read its articles for grammar and spelling mistakes before hitting the submit button?

    Rise above the bitchery Queerty and just report the facts. But first, work on getting the facts right.

  • Chris

    I am so sick of celebs who keep dismissing Tracy’s disgusting anti-gay tirade as part of his “edgy” comedy routine. Whoopi, Joy Behar, and now even Rosie. it’s like some sort of secret code agreement in the Comic club and I find the whole thing insulting. It’s not like Tracy’s humor is so high-brow that it went over our heads and we didn’t “get” it, it was fucking offensive. Even his appearance on Rosie where he makes that joke about his gay son decorating the house — wow, way to stereotype. I was hoping she’d actually take him to the mat the way she’s been known to do when it’s about something she cares about… instead she just made light and shrugged off the entire issue.

    Check out her responses to me on Twitter about it.

  • fredo777

    I love Rosie’s new show. It + “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s” are my favorites on the OWN network. Well, them, “Oprah’s Life Class” + “Don’t tell the Bride”.

  • Pedro

    @Chuck: Firstly let me say that the Imus thing was a complete debacle. I actually, unlike most of the reactionaries who called for Imus’ head, grew up listening to Imus and I finnd his radio show to be one of the wittiest and smartest shows around…I actually was listening to the show the day he made the “nappy headed hos” comment, and he was impersonating a gangsta rapper, they impersonate a lot of different people from every ethnic group on that show…was it dumb yes, but Don Imus is NOT a racist. Same with Michael Richards, he tried to be edgy and people completely lost their minds and overreacted. Does the gay community really want leaders like Sharpton and Jackson, demagogueing and using them for their own financial and political gain? I hope not. Some things should really be brushed off…Tracy Morgan is completely whacked in the head and I do not believe that he has a hateful bone in his crazy body, he’s just CRAZY! Please move on!

  • jeff4justice

    So is your point Queerty that no matter how much someone apologizes and tries to make amends after insulting LGBTs they should never be forgiven?

    Lots of LGBTs are assholes to other LGBTs and if they we’re ever caught on tape there’d be a lot of embarrassed LGBTs.


  • Chuck

    @Pedro: If he’s “crazy” as you say, then lock him up. You completely missed the point. I am not here to pass judgement on if what Imus or Dr. Laura said was racist or not. The point is that they were fired for their comments. As you point out, what Imus said was probably less extreme than what Tracy Morgan said. The treat of physical violence did take it to the next level. As I said, they were fired for what they said, Tracy Morgan wasn’t. That is the definition of a double standard. Insult one group, fired. Insult gay people, not fired. Double freaking standard.

  • Jeff

    Don Imus is NOT “done” after saying racist comments about black Rutgers university female basketball players.

    He’s still on TV, and still has a radio show.

    Tracy Morgan still performs comedy shows that sell out-Even before his scandal and drama I had hetero friends who were seeing him and I could have easily bought a ticket but I didn’t-and he is still on TV like the horrible Rosie show that’s going to tank along with OWN, and he’s still on 30 rock.

  • hunnylvr

    @Jeff: Jesus, Jeff.. take a breath. Bitter much? Why is it some of you can’t express your opinion without all the name-calling and histrionics? So, you don’t like Rosie.. well, don’t watch her then. And please, tell me what the point was of throwing out the “man-bashing” stereotype for lesbians? Do you think this somehow helps prove your point (whatever your “point” was supposed to be)?

    Reading the endless bitchy comments here makes me believe that you certainly don’t need to worry so much about a talk show host or comic using stereotypes.. you manage to enforce those all by yourselves.

  • Michael


    Yeah and a lot of those LGBT assholes as you call them are on THIS SITE .You have no shame supporting a man who does not give a shit about your rights as a human being period.Disgraceful.

  • Little Kiwi

    Tracy Morgan cannot go back in time and un-say what he said. He can only do what he can today, in the present, to learn about the implications of what he said and their sociological effects on others. Being angry at Morgan, forever, doesn’t solve anything. Not allowing someone the chance to redeem themselves doesn’t solve anything. If nothing else, Morgan’s outburst brought the subject of anti-gay “jokes” to national attention – this is a GOOD thing. It serves to facilitate a larger national dialogue about the subversive nature of anti-gay sentiment in our culture.

    I like Rosie. A lot. I’ve liked Morgan. iwas beyond disappointed with what he said. But he’s done more to rectify his fuck-up than most others who get fuck up as big as he did.

    But I’ll ask again – what purpose does it serve to be angry at him forever? Do we not allow people the chance to redeem themselves?

    Check this out – “comedian” Kevin Hart – this video was a best-seller and as far as I can tell nobody make a fuss about it. and it’s offensive:

  • Ian

    @Little Kiwi: Basically agree with you. As for my opinion of Morgan, I thought he sucked before his anti-gay remarks. I can completely forgive him for bad judgment and choice of words. But it’s so hard to forgive his lack of talent. lol

  • Adman

    I just chalk it up to mediocre fat cats trying to sell garbage, and getting caught. There’s this lack of true satire factor in comedy these days, and the people who just appeal to demographics and then wind up famous have to apologize for it. All these comics go around telling shit for brains middle Americans what they want to hear, and then pass it off as “edgy”, when in fact, they’re just hacks. Hacks with spreadsheets, marketing data, and a business plan driving their “opinions”. If you can’t tell the truth of things, you don’t really have an opinion, because you haven’t experienced anything universal.

    I like how there are so many options you can just tune it all out, and never have to subject yourself to “American comedy” at all. It’s such a waste of time and energy, plus it’ll bore you to tears watching “funnyman” Louis CK skits that show his secret ambitions to be a reactionary defender of his family, or some such bullshit. He’s chasing away “threatening freaks” to protect his daughters in his halloween skit, then talking about his four year old daughter spreading shit into her snatch on stage. Who needs it? Shameless wallowing in self indulgence isn’t funny, let alone interesting, why watch it?

  • Riker

    Honestly I don’t know why Rosie was ever picked as Oprah’s successor. She doesn’t have a huge following, engages in far too much petty drama (her feud with Trump anyone?), and has sucked as a TV personality since leaving her original morning show. Someone like Ellen would have been a much better choice. Hell, even Whoopi Goldberg would have been a better pick.

  • Witchdoctor

    At what point, do you grow up and take responsibility for your actions? Instead of saying well, when I was younger I was bullied or my parents were bad role models. I appreciate that you had a hard knocks life, but your an adult now; take responsibility for yourself.

  • christopher di spirito

    Why would Rosie O’Donnell book this cretin on her show in the first place?

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