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  • ROB

    Considering he’s one of the few Republicans who isn’t a rabid homophobe, let’s hope he does run.

    Not that he’d have a prayer, of course…

  • justiceontherocks

    Rudy is the Roman Catholic, pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-gun control former mayor of New York City. Any one of those things would prevent him from getting the republican nomination. Rudy’s making millions as a consultant on things he knows little about. It’s a great gig for him and he should stick with it.

  • Jeffree

    Giuliani has become a pariah in the Republican party on the national level. I wish there more members of his party like him.

    On the topic of 2012, I hope Obama reconsiders Biden as running mate [& no, I’m not suggesting Rudy!]

  • phonefun

    agreed Obama should get rid of Joe Biden- he’s a worthless hypocrite hiding his war mongering votes while blaming Republicans, and shutting nightclubs and “raves” to keep crazy suburban moms with no control over their children happy, ditch him and a few others. He should also dump Oprah “I’m Not A Lesbian” and lets talk about family sex and shop with style Winfrey.
    No wonder the country is screwed up. Somethings are better left unsaid, keep Bush off camera and lets get on with it.
    And for the record Guiliani ruined small businesses in New York for awhile and made dancing illegal in clubs-he’s not that great.Gay pandering politicians and celebrities are after something-and its in your wallet.

  • tjr101

    Rudy Giuliani is pro-gay? Yea, as much as Dick Cheney! The guy threw the gay community under the bus in his miserable attempt at getting the GOP nomination.

  • reason

    I think Joe has been an excellent second in command, he has been a senator since he was 30 years old and has an immense amount of knowledge about policy and government not matched by Clinton or any other that could take that spot. He is someone that Obama can send out on important task and have him handle it without an excessive amount of input. Politically people like Joe as an unabashed straight talker, sure the media attempts to make a big deal about it but outside the chattering class and those addicted to the news cycle people love it. Joe is someone that connect with the isolated rule non millionaire type folks with easy, making him an asset. There two different approaches enhances their effectiveness rather than the Bush administrations group think yes man behavior that put them in some serious pitfalls that could have been avoid with a little more perspective.

  • the crustybastard


    Oh boy. Reason managed to discover yet ANOTHER thing about the current administration to slobber over with delight.

    Wow. Shocka.

    How about you give your weak shit a rest, sport?

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