James Small Takes On Gay Sex Allegations

Rugger v. Rent Boy

There’s quite a scandal brewing over in South Africa. As we briefly mentioned in a recent Happy Endings, a rent boy posted a blog naming a number of South African celebrities who paid for his services. Now, one of the alleged clients has spoken out against the mystery man.

James Small, a former Springboks rugby player, sat down with a Johannesburg radio station to clear his name:

I haven’t read more rubbish in my life. It’s sad that somebody like this is living some kind of sick fantasy. The [author’s] anonymity is frustrating – if they open their mouth they should do so with confidence.

The secretive scribe claims to be an Australian national, but some people are pointing fingers at disgraced gay activist Juan Uys.

Uys once led an organization called The Gay and Lesbian Alliance. The GLA boasted a membership 100,000-strong, but many believe Uys created thousands of aliases to boost its prestige. As if that’s not bad enough, Uys – who once ran for office but neglected to pay his registration fee – has been arrested for a number of crimes, including distributing kiddie porn. He also faced fraud charges last year for operating a fake website, Crime Expo, which urged tourists to avoid South Africa’s so-called crime ridden streets. As speculation built that Uys set up the rent boy blog, Uys’ name also appeared on the list of alleged clients. Perhaps he’s trying to throw people off his trail?