Rumors To The Contrary Aside, Adam Lambert Will Not Be Queen’s New Front Gay

Almost as a counterpoint to the hateration against Adam Lambert that surfaced on Yahoo! Music, mainstream media sources have been saying that the out singer was signing on to be Queen’s new lead singer.

As Rolling Stone reported on Friday:

Adam Lambert is reportedly the new singer for Queen, replacing the American Idol winner’s own late idol, Freddie Mercury. Lambert broke the news to the U.K.’s Daily Star.

“The intention is to pay tribute to Freddie and the band by singing some fucking great songs,” he said. “It’s to keep the music alive for the fans and give it an energy that Freddie would’ve been proud of.”

Queen previously toured with former Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers taking Mercury’s place.

But it appears the rock mag and others got it wrong—or at least jumped the gun. Lambert is in talks to perform with the band again, as he did in the American Idol finals in 2009 and at the MTV EMAs, at Europe’s traveling Sonisphere festival. But nothing has been said about him joining the band on a permanent basis.

“The Daily Star item only mentions that Adam may perform with Queen at Sonisphere,” says a rep from Hollywood Records. “This is not confirmed. Nothing has been signed.”

Lambert—whose new album, Trespassing, drops in March—distanced himself from the rumors this weekend on Twitter:

“Oooh them clever reporters takin my quotes outta context…. I haven’t confirmed any guest appearances. I was talking about the EMA’S.

That being said, I’m truly flattered by your jump to such glorious conclusions mr journalist!! :)”

What say you: Would a Lambert-fronted Queen be a blessing to rock fans or a disaster?

And, perhaps more importantly, do you think all this Glambert news—from the Yahoo! comments to the Queen gossip—was whipped up by Lambert’s publicity team to help promote Trespassing?

Photo via MTV Europe, RCA