Thanks Hillary, But Ignores Obama

Sarah Palin’s Speech Lacks Luster

Sarah Palin just ended her speech accepting John McCain’s place on his presidential ticket. It was, in a word, empty. The Governor came off as more of a backer than a running mate.

After spending an inordinate amount of time talking about her family – yes, they’re important, but this is about you – Palin went on to describe her record as Alaska’s Governor, like how refused the so-called “Bridge To Nowhere.” The 44-year old also took some time to thank two great female leaders – Geraldine Ferraro and Senator Hillary Clinton – for paving the way for the nation’s women. The glass ceiling, said Palin, will be shattered, because the women of America are not yet done.

Much of Palin’s time was spent lauding John McCain’s military service, especially his time as a prisoner of war, something critics have said McCain’s camp overplays. The Republican presidential candidate, meanwhile, sort of lurked by Palin’s side, as if he didn’t trust her. They looked as if they barely knew one another. He also looked a bit anxious. Buyer’s remorse?

What’s most interesting, we think, is that Palin did not once mention Barack Obama. Not that we heard, at least. The vice-presidential pick has traditionally been a campaign’s attack dog. Joe Biden, for example, used his announcement as Obama’s pick to attack McCain.

We’ll get you video as soon as possible…


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  • Stephen A.

    Hi there. In a word, that was an idiotic blog posting. She’s going to be a very aggressive and articulate candidate for VP, and yes, she did mention Obama. All those times she mentioned McCain’s long record of experience? That was it. And as for her, she has more executive experience in Alaska as Governor than Obama has had in the Senate.

  • marty

    McCain also couldn’t stop staring at her lady pillows.

    She’s an interesting pick for sure but doesn’t justify the furious talking head masturbation that Fox and CNN and MSNBC are doing right now.


    Obama who?

    Compare Palin to the thin resume and lack of qualifications of the has-been on the Democratic side, Yeah!
    Obamatons now you can engage in full blown misogyny without having to camouflage it.
    The Obamatons are beside themselves because they’re feeling the winds of Real Change in the air.

    John McCain/Sarah Palin ’08 The real palpable change we need for the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexa

    After seeing her speech, my first thought (apart from disgust at her shameless pandering to idiot PUMAs like Churchill-y who can’t see she is the opposite of Hillary) was that McCain better not call HER a cunt or she’ll probably blow his head off.

  • garynyc

    AH, at last a chance for REAL change and a true new begining and not just the laundry list of dreams of democrats (free everything for every one, instant world peace, no need for oil, etc–pluzzze)


    The arrogance and snubbery of Obamatons finally proved to be their undoing. Shame though cause the Democratic party could’ve succeeded this year otherwise. People like me don’t have to be PUMAs any more because out of genuine love for our mothers, sisters, grandmothers and female Americans we can cast a vote with our heads held up high for such a qualified and fine representative of their gender. History in the making!!!! I would love for my grandmother to see Governor Palin being sworn as Vice President of the US. History in the making!!!!

  • emb

    Interesting how all those who attacked Obama for allegedly lacking “experience” (local political action, state and federal elected positions don’t count, apparently), are rallying behind someone with zero international or federal government experience, who comes from a state with a population that would disappear in a Chicago neighborhood, and who no one in the lower 48 has heard from or of until now.

    Interesting how mccain, who claims to put national interest before politics, picks a woman who has less experience than many highly qualified women in the republican party, and who is totally unsuited to step into the Presidency when mccain can’t complete his term.

    Shocking choice, but not really in a good way.

  • homo politico

    It’s a sad, sad day when the Republicans turn to a nobody like Sarah Palin (who, by the way, seems completely confused as to what exactly she should do as VP). She’s a complete fill-in, an obvious puppet who is trying to pander to the unthinking, die-hard christian radicals in america.

    Thankfully the number and size of that bloc is quickly shrinking.

    McSAME (mcLAME) couldn’t have picked a worse choice.

  • Kieren

    you thought it lacked luster because of your love for Obama. You were ready to hate it even before she opened her mouth. Hate to say it but I’m leaning away from Obama’s democrats more each day.

  • Alexa

    Someone from the Christian Broadcasting Network just said that the Evangelical leaders are OVERJOYED about Sarah Palin as VP. Any gay or lesbian who sees that and still votes for McCain needs to have his or her head examined because they are clearly batshit crazy.

  • emb

    We’re a better nation than this vp pick.

    And Kieren, (A) the republicans jumped all over Obama’s vp pick: did you condemn them for being “ready to hate it” then? Probably not. And (B) if the nomination of Miss Congeniality as vp is all it takes to lean you toward mccain and his pocketful of policy horrors, then you really weren’t thinking about self- or national-preservation in the first place.

  • Darth Paul

    What a lame token card to play.

  • Darth Paul

    Oh, and EMB hit the mark perfectly. Props.

  • Bob

    To call Palin a nothing is ignorant.

    She’s been an aggressive anti-corruption, anti-big-oil activist for over a decade in public office – she even used her first VETO to support gay rights in Alaska.

    I’m a liberal – and will probably vote for the Green party – but I’m not scared by the prospect of having her as VP.

    It remains to be seen if this will give McCain the edge, but one thing is for sure – he stole the spotlight from Obama today – and is possibly going to steal a lot of Hillary supporters.

  • proudtobedad

    So McCain’s idea of VP experience is a former beauty queen and self-proclaimed hockey mom, who has less than 2 years experience as governor, no federal or international experience, and was mayor of a town with less than 9000 people???? HELLO?????

    Hell, I’d make a better choice, and I don’t have an ETHICS SCANDAL hanging over my head.

    And as far as LGBT issues, Palin supported her state’s amendment forbidding marriage equality, and even supported a measure (which failed) to restrict state employee benefits for same sex partners.

    Further, she is a lifetime member of the NRA and is Anti-Choice.

    Those of you jumping up and down with happy glee over his choice probably should be on a different website!!!

  • reversion

    Palin who?

  • CitizenGeek

    I think it’s a good choice for McCain. Palin will excite those anti-choice, homophobic Christian morons that make up the majority voter base for the Republican party. In the long run, though, it’s not going to make a difference. Obama and Biden will still be the next President and VP of the US.

    And, yes, her speech was snore-inducing. It was better than McCain’s, but that doesn’t take much.

  • Bob

    Homophobic? Please do your research! Some of you are just as ignorant as Bush himself.

    Palin used her first VETO to strike down a bill that would have taken partnership benefits away from GAYS and LESBIANS in Alaska.

    Obama was the fool here in not choosing Hillary.

  • malaise

    Is the Green party now supporting candidates that advocate natural gas pipelines in Alaska?! And fish farms? Hmmm…

  • Adam

    Bob – do YOUR research. Palin opposes abortion rights – even in cases of rape and incest. She may as well be a clueless MALE Republican.

  • Steven - New Hampshire

    I’m readying these comments on here…You do know this is a gay site? Are there really that many basket case gay brothers/sisters out there that are supporting Republicans. Shame on you if you are…How can you be proud of being supporters of a party that seeks to oppress you and keep you in the closet? How can you be supporters of a party that when push comes to shove, you can be shut out of your loved ones life with no rights?

    The dems aren’t perfect, but they try to do right by the common man for the mast part. Why don’t you gay conservative neo-cons go to ex-gay therapy and get it over with? I don’t want you advocating anything for me in your GOP republican party.

  • dzero

    Does McCain really think Tina Fey is a good VP Candidate?

  • Change is Coming

    Guess Charlie Crist can ditch the beard now that he wasn’t chosen as VP.

  • lol

    I never realized how many log cabins comment here. Jesus Christ.

    Why do you hate yourselves so much? Try therapy.

  • Vinman

    LOL Change is coming!

  • Steve

    I am a Democrat, but I do believe everyone has a right to their own opinion and beliefs.

    Just because I’m gay, doesn’t mean that I HAVE to be a Democrat – you people on this blog that trash and burn any comment YOU perceive to be anti-Obama (therefore MUST be a Republican) are whacked! You boast about freedoms and rights, and then you’re the first to trample those that disagree with you. WTF is that all about?

    Most people enjoy a dialogue – not a lecture! It is possible to be passionate without being a condescending asshole!

  • Ryn

    It’s ridiculous that John McCain and his campaign believe that this former beauty pageant queen will earn him the coveted swing voters and Clinton supporters – it’s almost as if they think the people of this country are stupid enough to vote for Palin just because she’s just another woman running for office. Oh wait, people are that stupid!

  • Rock

    McCain just handed the election to the Democrats.


    I guess he needed another woman to fuck, besides Cindy.

  • Rock

    Churchill-Y, you are an asshole.

    Mccain has voted with Bush 95% of the time. He won’t bring change, he’ll bring disaster!

  • ameridane

    Let’s do this: Say Palin were a man. Say McCain picked a man who is from a state that is often forgotten, not that it deserves it. Say McCain picked a man who was only 44, and had only 2 years experience in the gubernatorial office. Say McCain picked a man who was handsome and simple and had NO international experience under his belt. If that were the case, McCain would have been mocked for his ridiculous, weak choice. No one would’ve backed it. But. McCain picks a woman with all of those same failings, and it’s a freakin’ ticker tape parade?! I’m a self-professed Obamaton, but you have to admit, no matter who you support, that NO ONE would back this decision in the same way if Palin were a man.

  • Puddy Katz

    Rock, can you explain to me what votes with Bush 95% of the time means since Bush didn’t vote in the Senate? Is that just some sort of talking point?
    If it meant that McCain voted for 95% of the bills that Bush signed, well Bush only vetoed one or two bills, which means McCain voted for most bills passed in the Congress. Is that a realistic measure of his agreement with Bush or is it a measure of his agreement with his colleagues?
    Please someone explain this to me!

  • C Martin

    I loved her speech…and for the record, not all women are in favor of abortion…I just can’t see it as a reasonable birth control method when so many better options are available.

  • C Martin

    Palin has way more experience than Obama and the Democrats NOMINATED him, for Pete’s sake! Palin’s experience is far superior to his…no way to argue that

  • Kenster999

    To quote Michael Bluth:


  • Alexa

    She opposes abortion under all circumstances. What method of birth control would be the preferred choice and is easily available when a woman is raped? And to bring it home to the women here supporting her, rape happens to all kinds of women, as lesbians (if you even are) we are not exempt.

  • marco channing

    Why is anyone even wasting time debating this woman’s merits? This is the biggest GOP blunder since Iraq.

  • Gregg

    Silly, silly, silly! No international experience? As governer of Alaska, your nearest neighbors are Russia and Canada. Also, they sit on top of some of the richest land in the world. You think they don’t deal internationally? Ignorance is rampant in this gay community. This is the best thing to come our way in a long time. Gays can, and will continue to be Republican. Quit making yourselves hipocritical by screaming tolerance, when you will not extend it. Face it, McCain is our next president.

  • marco channing

    “As governer of Alaska, your nearest neighbors are Russia and Canada.”

    This is one of the lamest Faux News talking points in years.

    She’s also near the North Pole, so I guess she knows Santa Claus too.

  • alex

    Now, I have no “experience” at international relations. Yet, I’ve studied conflict resolution in my doctoral program. I’ve analyzed international conflict using academic theory. I’ve also studied the actions of international actors in various conflict situations. That said, I probably have a better understanding of international relations that hockey-mom Palin.

    I can’t wait until the VP debates. It should be a blood-bath.

  • David


    Don’t be so quick to think Palin’s going to flop the debates. She absolutely tore it up in Alaska (check out some of the videos). What this woman lacks in progressive ideology, she makes up for in perceived integrity and likability. Biden, who already has set the stage as a Cheney-like attack dog, is going to have his hands full trying to walk the thin line of cutting her down while not alienating people that are naturally going to gravitate towards her. If it’s any indication of her running skills, she has over an 80% approval rating in Alaska and beat out her primary opponents for governor by over 30 points. Also, don’t for a second think that she isn’t prepared to stand toe to toe with Biden. This election is a must win for the GOP. While we as Democrats can laugh at her qualifications all day, I am not naive enough to assume that she is not fully aware of what is going on and fully prepared to go for the jugular at every opportunity. My roommate is a speechwriter for a prominent Democratic official. All the e-mails he received from party insiders yesterday wept that this was worst case scenario for the Democratic party.

    All that is to say, as a guy that enjoys politics, I’m excited to see how this is going to play out. It’s either going to blow up in the faces of the GOP or it’s going to go down in history as one of the great political moves. I’m obviously hoping for the former.

  • marco channing

    “She absolutely tore it up in Alaska (check out some of the videos).”

    I’m sure she did well debating polar bears and rifles. Can’t wait to see her share her knowledge of sunnis, shites, and the kurds–something even her new boss, with 26 years of experience, can’t get right.

  • Jason

    Are you serious, a homophobe who believes in creationism is supposed to be the “next Hillary”?

    Is McCain trying to lose on purpose?

  • tina

    I really hope women supporting Palin aren’t supporting her just because she’s a woman. Honestly, I’m a bit offended by McCain’s choice for VP. He thinks he’s going to get all the votes from the women who were supporting Hilary, because women don’t think when they vote, they just want a woman in charge. Wasn’t his whole campaign about experience? Palin’s been running Alaska for 2 years. (A state with a less than 1 million people… and the town she was mayor of? population: a couple thousand- I believe it’s around 6,000?) She’s less experienced than Obama! She is the anti-Hilary, and you can tell from when she was doing her speech that McCain isn’t too sure about her.
    And are you people forgetting that McCain is really old? I mean he could have a stroke and die any day, do you really think this woman can run a country?
    If McCain was smart, he would’ve picked Giuliani for VP. I mean, between “I was a POW” and “September 11,” and the fact that New Yorkers love Giuliani, McCain would definitely win.

  • marco channing

    McCain made a desperate gamble because he knows he’s losing. The Alaska papers don’t support Palin, her own mother-in-law says she may vote for Obama, and there is a current investigation into illegal firing on Palin’s part, involving her ex-brother-in-law (smells like Bush and the DOJ).

    The GOP may get a temporary bump by turning the RNC into a Gustav telethon (and lucky for them, Bush/Cheney are not speaking). But picking Palin ended this race. Once people get over the novelty of her gender, they will see that she is more right wing than Bush, thus finally sealing the coffin on McCain’s “maverick” image. Besides being for teaching creationism and against all forms of birth-control, she was recorded on radio laughing at her cancer-survivor opponent, when the DJs called her a fat cancer bitch. Rove clearly did not do his research on this one. Perhaps he’s too busy with his laywers, trying to stay out of jail.

    Obama is the next President. Game over.

  • Kelly

    I have to agree with Tina, here. I think it is offensive and ignorant to assume that women will vote for Palin simply because she is a woman. We should be evaluating each candidate without regard to race or gender. That said, as I scroll through these posts, I am incredibly annoyed by the amount of party-bashing, name-calling, and opinions passed off as “facts.” Where is [most] everyone getting their information?

  • polobear

    She needs to stay home and raise that brood like a good christian wife

  • RET

    With what I have read on her outside of main stream Fox news crap…I smell another Harriet Miers Saga…

  • Jam

    Obama sucks

  • Marco Channing

    Hmmm…guess that whole abstinence education propaganda that Palin subscribes to doesn’t work so well.

  • Good Girl

    Steve #26. If you were a woman i would want to ask you on a date :) I am an independent and have voted democrat 90% of the time, but you are so right in your comments. Gays and lesbians want to be accepted, but by reading this site so many GLBTers are not willing to accept difference. It is hypocrisy.

    Congrats to McCain for actually making a bold move that represents just as much change as Obama’s campaign. It will be a challenging political season and may the best man (OR WOMAN) win.

  • Tommy

    Um, New Yorkers don’t love Rudy Giulliani at all

    Just b/c he was the mayor during 9.11 means nothing

    he used 9.11 to advance himself politcally

    he also ran nyc like a dictator stomping out many rights and freedoms which made NYC one of the great, progessive cities.

    Now NYC is just a town for the rich, and Chase banks

    Fuck Rudy

  • monty

    I’ve just realized something…..everywhere I look and read, people are all about what they think is right, even here among the gays. And there is no room for me anywhere. I just don’t fit and I refuse to tell everyone else what to believe. I don’t want to be a democrate, they embarrass me. I don’t want to be a republican, they are clueless. I guess I’m an independant,ok, and the gay people on here are just like republicans, they are ragging on others and name-calling and snarling pitbulls.

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