Thanks Hillary, But Ignores Obama

Sarah Palin’s Speech Lacks Luster

Sarah Palin just ended her speech accepting John McCain’s place on his presidential ticket. It was, in a word, empty. The Governor came off as more of a backer than a running mate.

After spending an inordinate amount of time talking about her family – yes, they’re important, but this is about you – Palin went on to describe her record as Alaska’s Governor, like how refused the so-called “Bridge To Nowhere.” The 44-year old also took some time to thank two great female leaders – Geraldine Ferraro and Senator Hillary Clinton – for paving the way for the nation’s women. The glass ceiling, said Palin, will be shattered, because the women of America are not yet done.

Much of Palin’s time was spent lauding John McCain’s military service, especially his time as a prisoner of war, something critics have said McCain’s camp overplays. The Republican presidential candidate, meanwhile, sort of lurked by Palin’s side, as if he didn’t trust her. They looked as if they barely knew one another. He also looked a bit anxious. Buyer’s remorse?

What’s most interesting, we think, is that Palin did not once mention Barack Obama. Not that we heard, at least. The vice-presidential pick has traditionally been a campaign’s attack dog. Joe Biden, for example, used his announcement as Obama’s pick to attack McCain.

We’ll get you video as soon as possible…