Save Me Gay Heroes! Save Me!


Despite what we may say, we’re total fucking nerds. Like so many nerds, we have a real thing for comic books. Maybe it’s the fantastical elements we find so appealing, or the compelling art, or the fact that in the world of illustration, people are so often more beautiful than any human ever.

We did a little searching – very little – and found a list of a few of the more attractive gay comic books heroes. Aside from the newly lesbianic Batwoman, here are a few notables: Rawhide Kid (like no one knew), the appropriately monikered lesbian villain Scandal, and the ultra hunky Colossus (Pictured here, no doubt reaching for a nice, hard penis) from the X-Men (which is funny, because he used to date Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat, who always seemed a bit dykey to us).

Yeah, you can definitely tell it’s Friday.