Scary Stats.

“The transmission of HIV/AIDS among gays in the Chinese capital was even worse than through sex workers, the city’s disease control center said on Friday. Up to 5 percent of homosexuals in the city were infected, compared with 0.5 percent of women sex workers, said He Xiong, the Beijing Centers of Diseases Control and Prevention deputy director.” [Xinhua Net]

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  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Too bad the Olympics is over and no-one is paying attention. Ya shoulda timed that better instead of watching Phelps ‘stache footage in slo-mo.

    Seriously, China’s record on AIDS is abysmal but loved the “Opening Ceremony.”

    It’s shallow, I know!

  • rrgg

    >Seriously, China’s record on AIDS
    >is abysmal but loved the “Opening Ceremony.”

    China’s record on EVERYTHING is abysmal. China is nearly always a bad actor in every situation.

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