School bus driver gets life in prison for hooking up with 15-year-old student he met on Grindr

A federal judge just threw the book at a school bus driver from Tampa, Florida, who engaged in an inappropriate sexual relationship with a male student.

35-year-old William Napolitano will spend the rest of his life locked away in prison after being found guilty in federal court of sexually assaulting a minor and producing and distributing child pornography.

In August, Napolitano, who had worked for the school system for over a decade, pleaded guilty to coercing a minor into engaging in sexual activity back in 2014. The minor was a 15-year-old male student Napolitano met on Grindr.

Bay News 9 reports:

Napolitano engaged the student in a sexual relationship which went on for several years. Officials said during that time, Napolitano invited the student to view his collection of child pornography, invited him to watch live productions of child pornography on the internet, and invited him to engage in group sex with other adults and minors.

Napolitano also produced and distributed child pornography of the student, according to the plea agreement.

Court documents paint Napolitano out to seem like quite a predator, describing him as having a deep-seated lust for minors that “descended to depths of depravity that are hard to fathom and that he’s a constant threat to society.”

According to investigators, Napolitano had an ally in Pasco County assistant principal, Kyle Ritsema, with whom he would share child porn. Ritsema currently faces 30 years behind bars.

Napolitano’s attorney, John Traveno, expressed extreme disappointment with his client’s life sentence this week.

“This man (Napolitano) had engaged in substantial cooperation with the federal government,” he said after the sentencing. “He pled guilty early in the case, so what is his reward? The maximum? It’s just not fair.”