Pick Up Gone Wrong?

Scottish Man Held in Spanish Murder

An Edinburgh native known only as EB remains in custody in the Canary Islands, where Spanish police suspect he murdered 44-year old Karl Heinz Thonningen on Saturday. Thonningen and his lover traveled to the idyllic resort spot for a little holiday. While his lover remained in their hotel, Thonningen took a stroll on the beach. Around 5am another traveler found his dead body, which had been stabbed through the heart. Police speculate EB, who arrived at the hospital after a botched pill-driven suicide attempt, met Thonningen on the beach, attempted to pick him up and then flew into a murderous rage when Thonningen rejected his advances.

Barrie Mahoney, who edits the Islands’ English speaking paper, told The Scotsman,

It’s all very sketchy but I think [EB] is due to be charged later today. From what I’ve read in the locals we understand he [EB] was over here with his partner in one of the hotels.

In the two years I’ve been editor here this is the first case of this kind I can recall. It’s a harmonious place so something like this really does shake a community.

We bet EB’s lover’s pissed. Not as pissed as Thonningen’s lover, of course, who remains at the hotel but remains too grief stricken to release a statement.