Should Sean Hayes Have Come Out Sooner? Sean Hayes Thinks So.

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“At the time, I was a young closeted actor having his first taste of a little success and unfortunately, in my mind, my lucky break was inextricably tied to me thinking that I had to stay in the closet in order to keep moving forward.”

That’s Sean Hayes, giving a speech after accepting the Trailblazer Award at Outfest’s Legacy Awards show in Los Angeles on Sunday evening.

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“Looking back at my choice to stay silent, I am ashamed and embarrassed. What was I thinking? As if any of you had any doubts. I mean, right, could a straight actor ever do this….?”

He then belted out Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time,” as one does.

“I know I should’ve come out sooner and I’m sorry for that,” he admits. “Especially when I think about the possibility that I might have made a difference in someone’s life.

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“I would probably be able to sleep a lot better than I do if I had acted sooner, but such is life. We learn our lessons only when we are ready.”

Watch a snippet of the speech below: