Self-Hating Teens Are Transformed Into The Next Wave Of Closeted GOP Leaders In “Bowes Academy”

Where do all the Larry Craigs of the GOP come from? A short film in pre-production, Bowes Academy, takes us into a  ficticious private school that grooms closeted, anti-gay GOP leaders from its student body. a horror/thriller written and directed by Greg Emetaz, Academy focuses on Daniel Bloom, an ambitious and deeply conservative 15-year-old who dreams of being President and will do anything—including locking the closet door on himself—when Bowes Academy comes calling.

Say the filmmakers:

Having seen many coming-out stories that focus on oppressive families and cultures, we wanted to tell the story of a boy whose family and friends would welcome him out of the closet, but his own dreams and desires keep him there.

The film’s Harlem-based film production company, MinorApocalypse, is seeking to raise $10,000 for the short by October 4 via Kickstarter. The funds will help transform a Harlem church into a Bowes Academy location. Hey Charlie Crist: Now that you’re a Democrat, how about a $25 donation?