Self-Hating Teens Are Transformed Into The Next Wave Of Closeted GOP Leaders In “Bowes Academy”

Where do all the Larry Craigs of the GOP come from? A short film in pre-production, Bowes Academy, takes us into a  ficticious private school that grooms closeted, anti-gay GOP leaders from its student body. a horror/thriller written and directed by Greg Emetaz, Academy focuses on Daniel Bloom, an ambitious and deeply conservative 15-year-old who dreams of being President and will do anything—including locking the closet door on himself—when Bowes Academy comes calling.

Say the filmmakers:

Having seen many coming-out stories that focus on oppressive families and cultures, we wanted to tell the story of a boy whose family and friends would welcome him out of the closet, but his own dreams and desires keep him there.

The film’s Harlem-based film production company, MinorApocalypse, is seeking to raise $10,000 for the short by October 4 via Kickstarter. The funds will help transform a Harlem church into a Bowes Academy location. Hey Charlie Crist: Now that you’re a Democrat, how about a $25 donation?


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One Comment

  • Little-Kiwi

    scary because it’s true.

    it’s something the anti-gay side ignores: being anti-gay doesn’t mean that you’re “immune” from having gay children. it does mean, however, that you’re going to make life harder for your gay child. to the extent that they may adopt a hateful bigoted persona as part of their “i’m not gay” disguise.

    it’s textbook and it’s sad.

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