Sen. Joe Manchin Promises To Do His Job From Now On, Including Voting Against Gays

Sen. Joe Manchin, the West Virgina Democrat, tried defending his absence on the DADT and DREAM votes by saying he had a “holiday gathering” with his “grandchildren” that he just couldn’t get out of. And while the case can be made that we should be glad Manchin wasn’t in the chamber — he would be the only Dem to vote against repeal — Manchin has realized the error of his ways, and promises to totally do his job from now on, even if it means showing up to work when there are candy canes to eat. “Let me apologize to anybody and everybody within our listening and reading areas. I’m very sorry for missing the two votes,” he told reporters Tuesday. … Saturday was our Christmas and Saturday evening was our Christmas dinner. I got up Sunday and came back to Washington to make the votes I had to make. I was up front when I knew I would not be here on Saturday. I put that in the Congressional record because I didn’t want anybody to think that I wouldn’t make a vote or had intentionally missed a vote because it was a controversial issue. I think that anybody who knows me, making decisions has not been hard for me.” But rest assured: “In the future, I will make any adjustments and all adjustments that need to be made so that it doesn’t happen again.”

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  • Cam

    I wonder if one of his staffers could use the same excuse to him. “Ge, Senator Manchin, I know it was a work day but I just had a holiday party with my kids I couldn’t get out of.”

    The person would be fired on the spot.

  • justiceontherocks

    Well, he took the senate seat of a Ku Kluxer. What did we expect?

  • jak

    Yes, the thousands of hopeful young immigrant kids and the gay military members putting themselves in harm’s way cannot equal the importance of that extra slice of pumpkin pie. Merry Xmas, Douchebag.

  • Jeffree

    Sen. Joe Manchin chose eggnog over equality. Sen. Joe Manchin failed to show up to work. Sen Joe Manchin taught his grandkids that he is a bigot and a fossil.

  • Brentinpdx


  • saltydog

    Of course he intentionally missed a controversial issue, why else would you celebrate Christmas eve on a day other than Christmas eve? (well aside from the fact that that all Christian’s celebrate Christmas on December 25th instead of March 25th when Jesus was actually born)

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