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Senator Scott Wiener posts shirtless Folsom pic and right-wingers explode

California Senator Scott Wiener
Senator Scott Wiener (D-CA) (Photo: Supplied)

California State Senator Scott Wiener was one of the many thousands who attended and enjoyed the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco last weekend. He defended his attendance after some people online took offense over a shirtless photo he posted.

Wiener, 52, is one of the state’s most high-profile gay lawmakers. A Democrat, he was elected to office in November 2016. His district covers the whole of San Francisco, along with Broadmoor, Colma, and Daly City.

Folsom Street Fair is famed the world over as a sex-positive, primarily queer celebration of fetish and kink. Public nudity is allowed in the area for the duration of the festival.

In Wiener’s photo, he stands shirtless alongside a group of other guys wearing leather harnesses. He captioned the image, “Happy Folsom Street Fair!”

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Mixed martial artist Jake Shields was among those to criticize the senator.

“The same politician who kept your kid out of school for two years because covid is attending gay orgies during monkeypox,” Shields tweeted. “Feel free to Google Folsom street fair and see the wonderful delights he’s enjoying.”

Shields did not stop there.

Many others piled in.

Wiener praised for Folsom photo

However, many others praised Wiener for the photo and his visible support for the festival. Others simply wanted to know why he also wasn’t wearing a harness.

Wiener responded to some of the criticism over the photo and his attendance at the event. He says he’s got used to abuse over the years but feels some have become more emboldened in their homophobia in recent times.

“They’re attacking a gay man for being a gay man who is participating in a heavily LGBTQ+ event,” he told the Advocate.

“We’ve had a lot of progress the last few decades, but we need to be clear that there’s still a massive undercurrent of homophobia and transphobia in this country.

“They want us to disappear. They hate us. They’re trying to bring this country back to the 1950s. They’re doing it around women and abortion, around race, and for queer people.”

The criticism clearly won’t stop Wiener from attending more queer, sex-positive events in the future.

“I’m a gay man. I’m a single gay man. I enjoy life, and sexuality is part of human existence. If they have a problem, that’s their issue, not mine, and they need to get a life.”

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