Send Queerty To SXSW: Vote For Our Panel On Social Media And Marriage Equality

992895_10151666959798909_688012434_n-670x542No one can deny that 2013 has been a historic year for marriage equality, and Queerty has been there ferociously covering all the highs and lows.

Now, we want to learn how we got to this historic moment in just a matter of years. So we’ve invited our friends at YouTube and the American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER) to participate in a SXSW panel discussion about the impact of social media on marriage equality.

All we need is your help! Vote for the panel, “How Social Media Created Marriage Equality,” and let the folks at SXSW see that LGBT themes are an important part of the digital discourse. Voting closes on Friday, so help us!

Our panel will bring Matt Baume from AFER and Brendan Feldman from YouTube’s news and politics partnerships to talk about how LGBT activists used social media to empower a grassroots movement that led all the way to the Supreme Court. More info from the panel proposal:

Since the single bigger correlation between support for equality is knowing real gay people, activists employed social media to share personal narratives, from YouTube videos of love denied to Facebook pages devoted to normative same-sex couples. This conversation will look at the social media methods employed by LGBT groups as well as gay individuals to begin the process of winning the hearts & minds of a nation.

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  • yaoming

    I clicked on that link, but it goes to a YouTube video with nothing to vote on (that I could see).

  • Mo Jo

    WHERE Are MY Previous Comments?!? NICE!

  • Mo Jo

    QUEERTY can Suck Dirty Monkey ASS!
    Not Only do they CENSOR Posts, But they Obviously Quash Dissent!

  • Mo Jo

    I Don’t Represent an Ad-Revenue= Therefore MY Opinion Doesn’t Matter!
    How Long will THIS stay up?!?

  • Mo Jo

    I’ll “VOTE” for QUEERTY the FUCK’N SECOND that they allow US (their readers) a “VIEW ALL” Option!

  • Mo Jo


  • Oscar Raymundo

    @yaoming: Cast your vote with the thumbs up on the left side of the screen. You must be signed in to vote.

  • 2eo

    @Mo Jo: Saying anything that can affect Queerty’s bottom line is quashed.

    This includes criticism that they are biased against a boycott of Russia because Stoli sponsors them for a huge amount of cash.

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    I’m Just a Little Fish, but I’m a LOUD Little Fish!

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