Senegalese Journalist Given Four-Year Jail Sentence For Homosexuality

A Senegalese journalist was sentenced to four years in prison for homosexuality, arms possession and battery, reports AllAfrica.com.

A security guard heard shouting coming from the apartment of Tamsir Jupiter Ndiaye (right), and found the reporter in a heated fight with male companion Matar Diop Diagne, who claimed Ndiaye bribed him into having a gay tryst for $100,000 Francs CFA. During their scuffle, Diagne suffered wounds to his lower abdomen during their scuffle.

In his deposition, Diagne stated that the situation was spontaneous, but police maintain the presence of lubricant and condoms in Ndiaye’s apartment suggest otherwise. Senegal, a Muslim nation in West Africa, criminalizes sexual behavior between people of the same gender.

Ndiaye’s lawyer plans to appeal the verdict, claiming no laws were broken.

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