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  • CHIP1218

    While the major political parties seem to have “tolerant” party platforms, many of the general populace still has a huge anti-gay bias. They are trying to hold a Pride Parade this year after years of it being “canceled.” There was a Facebook group against there being a Pride Parade, it had over 50,000 members after a week or two of being created, the posts talked about ways to kill gays and lesbians and how to best surprise attack them on the streets – it was despicable. However, Facebook let it last for a few weeks because it was all in Cyrillic and most people couldn’t decipher what it said, or didn’t have the time to use google translate to make sure the posts didn’t violate Facebook terms of service. After some of us Americans started complaining, then Facebook took the site down. It got restarted by the same creator, stating that they weren’t allowing others to post on the page because they could be kicked off of Facebook (their own personal page) for the posts of others.

  • codyj

    Serbia, (Belgrade) has ALOT of catching up to do, Living there for 5 years,was like being in a early 1900s time warp..dial telephones,limited electric outside of the main towns (if at all),steam powered rail transportation ,and more. Most of the youth i interacted with ,were cynical,narrow minded,suspicious…most eastern block countries are the same.Russia included.

  • Jaroslaw

    #1 & 2 both interesting – I wonder what makes social change happen. After all, I assume that even with limitations; they do have the internet and newspapers/magazines. Of course, one has to at least be open minded enough to entertain an alternative opinion.

  • whatever

    Wait, I’m confused. I thought Black Americans and Africans were the only ones who are homophobic?

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