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  • SouLKid

    Isn’t she always showing her goods? I never bought into ‘she’s a man’ thingy anyway.

  • Merags

    Check out that little monster!
    Perhaps the idiots who insist she’s a man will shut up now lol.

  • Carlyloo

    I don’t think anyone has suggested she is a man but rather that she may be intersexed. Not the same thing.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    This is a rumor spread by bitter Madonna fans!

  • terrwill

    While I am personally ascared of vaginas, I wouldn’t care if the Lady had three of ’em. She is amazing and she is full on in her support of the Gays…….

  • onCloud9

    What is a vagina?

  • Bianca

    It’s kind of funny how people use the word “vagina” for women’s genitals when she’s actually not showing her vagina there at all.

    For the guys who are afraid of vahinas (WHY be afraid? They are fantastic! lol) the vagina really is THE INNER part of it all!

  • juz

    they have teeth yknow

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