SHOCK: Tom Daley Remains Clothed In Photos As New Adidas Brand Ambassador

article-0-1B53950E00000578-792_634x907Pocket gay Tom Daley is reportedly “developing his media career” after his bisexuality propelled him into the international spotlight last year.

Since announcing his relationship with American screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, the 19-year-old Olympic diver as found hosting work on the UK’s Splash, and now, he’s dabbling in the fashion world as the newest face of Adidas’ NEO brand. As the brand’s first UK representative, he’ll front the brand new “Live Your Style” campaign.

But contrary to some of Tom’s greatest work as a nearly nude model, his appearance in the NEO brand’s “fresh prints and colors” is surprisingly tame. He’s fully clothed throughout the entire shoot, modeling “jumpers” and jeans while staying completely dry, a.k.a. booooring.

Tom says:

It’s great to be working with adidas on their NEO label. It’s a fun collection and it’s constantly changing. The jumper I wore for the NEO shoot is one of my favourites at the moment. It’s a twist on a standard jumper and it’s exactly what I like to throw on after training with a pair of jeans.

Tom will reportedly be wearing his new NEO threads on the UK’s Splash finale later this week, but definitely not at the FINA Diving World Series in May! Daley also made headlines this month for refusing to dive in the prestigious competition, held in Moscow, in order to protest Putin’s anti-gay legislation.

So far, we’d say you’re on a great start to becoming an athlete-turned-media-personality, Tom. Let’s just work on your pronunciation of “Adidas”: