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SHOCK: Wal-Mart CEO Supported Arkansas Gay Adoption Ban

WalMart CEO

Their prices may be low, but Wal-Mart’s support of discrimination appears to be through the roof. Thanks to the site KnowThyNeighbor.org, the signers of an Arkansas petition to limit adoption only to married couples (effectively denying adoption to gays, who cannot legally marry) are now available for all to see. Well, they always were: This data is public information, and publishing it is perfectly legal (although the scourge of anti-gay advocates). But browsing Know They Neighbor, one name in particular sticks out: Mike Duke of 16 Pinnacle Drive, Rogers, Arkansas. Yep, that’s the guy who Wal-Mart just named CEO on February 1.



As KTN points out, Wal-Mart says it’s committed to diversity! From the perspective of the new chief of the company, which has a market cap of almost $200 billion, that means eliminating the rights of gays and lesbians in the name of traditional values!

Now what? Well, you can throw this evidence into yet another hat as reasons to boycott Wal-Mart, right next to “poor employee health care,” “unfair labor practices,” and “destroying local businesses.” If Wal-Mart’s chief executive supports such discrimination, buying lawn chairs, toilet paper, and clothes for your kids effectively puts dollars in Duke’s pocket.

Though raise your hand if you’re really surprised by this. The leader of the world’s largest retailer supports good ‘ole family values? That he donated the maximum amount toward Mike Huckabee’s 2008 presidential campaign? That his wife Susan is also a supporter of the Arkansas petition?

Duke, who also sits on the board and first joined the company in 1995, is a guy who “understands retail and appreciates the complex global environment in which we operate,” according to Wal-Mart chairman Rob Walton. Well, at least there’s something Duke supposedly understands.