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Should We Be Worried About the Push to Repeal New Hampshire’s Gay Marriage Law?


It wasn’t so long ago that Scott Brown’s chances of winning the Massachusetts race for a U.S. Senate seat seemed slim, but then there was that wake up call. So when we hear about how New Hampshire’s House Judiciary Committee is hearing arguments about whether to overturn the state’s just-passed same-sex marriage law — and how the chances of it making it through the full House are “slim” — well, we’re not exactly at ease.

Of course, it may be more publicity stunt — to drive voter turnout — than anything else. But yeah, that too has worked before.

The House Judiciary Committee was holding hearings Wednesday on the two measures, which many observers expect the House to reject when they are brought to the floor in the next few weeks.

Opponents know their chances of success are slim, but they are looking to the November election in hopes Republicans will regain control of the Statehouse and succeed then in repealing the law.

Right now, Democrats are firmly in charge and appear eager to dispose of controversial measures early in the session to avoid lingering debate in an election year. Gay marriage opponents know that and are focusing on a bigger prize: voter sympathy.

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