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Simon Doonan Doesn’t Like Man Boobs

Simon Doonan is still making the rounds with his latest book, Gay Men Don’t Get Fat. It seems he’s figured out EVERY angle possible to get soundbites—and now it’s about the over-development of male pectorals with excess fat. Yes, Doonan is obsessed with straight men who have fat titties. Last night on Conan he talked about his dislike of man boobs and even felt up Conan’s co-host, Andy Rickter, who would make many a chaser quite happy.

“There’s a horrible epidemic of man boobs, and I keep telling — people are clutching their man boobs now, I can see it…” Doonan said to the studio audience. “There aren’t fetish clubs for people who like man boobs. Man boobs are like hyenas, and mosquitoes, and red ants, and sharks. They don’t need to exist. They’re horrible. So I’m on a one-man campaign to rid the world of man boobs … A lot of straight dudes, they don’t really care, they’re, like, farting and watching TV, they don’t care about their man boobs. We need to make them care and explain to them, these, girls, right, they are unacceptable, am I right?”

We’re assuming that Doonan is conveniently leaving out all those bears who indeed do enjoy a man with a chunky chest. (And if you’re interested in someone with a memoir that does celebrate the full-figured guy, may we suggest you check out Kevin Smith’s memoir, Tough Sh*t: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good?)

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  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    What an embarrassment.

  • Joseph

    I quote more than one bisexual female, “I wish you were straight.” And I quote, ahem, far too many straight, gay, and bisexual guys, “your place or mine?” My point, my moobs have been an asset to or unimportant sexually. But that is only a very promiscuous and informal survey of opinions. ;-)

  • Dave

    I’d hit on Andy.

    Dirty Old Gay Guy

  • David

    Joseph man boobs are nasty I agree with the guy in the video. If those guys are having sex with you then they’re not “straight” at all; but you sound like one of those queens who needs to pretend that you’ve had sex with an actual hetero guy.

  • ousslander

    Loved Simon’s book about growing up and his family. Don’t like floppy man boobs either but each to their own

  • Ogre Magi

    @ousslander: I love the tv show that was based on it!

  • w.e.

    I hate this man.

  • John G.

    What an idiot.
    I’d drool over topless photos of Andy Richter anyday, he’s such an ADORABLE chub.

  • Tone

    Only shallow, pretentious and insecure people pay any attention to this sort of thing.

  • Let's be real here

    Tone, I’m not pretentious or insecure but I don’t want a guy that’s obese or who has moobs.

  • J

    Eeeeewww!!!!!!!!!!! This is so embarassing for us gays! Simon Doonan must be shot!

  • BlackRockRitual

    I feel somewhat unusual that I’m not either for femme twinks or whatever term you would call a non-bear, or big muscular bear dudes.

    To me, I like skinny femme guys. But I also like big, huggable, chub guys. And somewhere in between the two. As in, a not so hairy, oily, pasty guy is a fetish of many, not just me~. More man to love, was it?

    Doonan can be as femme as he likes, I like femme guys. But don’t know my chub guys, I like them, too. Manboobs and all.

  • Robert in Jersey City.

    Asshole. I’ll go throw up my lunch to make him feel better.

  • James

    The wealthy white flaming gay stereotype, that many people make fun of and think we all are, yep that’s Simon Doonan. The man is a snob.

  • Gigi

    If Simon Doonan is an embarrassment it’s to himself, not the “gay community” at large. Why do we fixate on this stuff? If a soccer mom sees a young girl in a too-short skirt does she worry about Little Miss Saucy Pants making ALL WOMEN look bad? No. She doesn’t. I say to each his own. I’m not a fan of man-boobs but I wouldn’t write an irreverent book about it just to make a few bucks.

  • w.e.

    @Gigi: because he is representing his views as “the gay man’s perspective” – prissy, judgemental, and totally focused on the superficial. I would classify him as anti-male more than anything. He is trying to force a feminine attitude of shame onto men for their bodies, instead of rejoicing in their differences. This guy is bad news.

  • mk

    @w.e. Women only have that attitude of shame because it is pushed on them from outside in society. Being self conscious about being overweight is not a natural gender difference.

    Either both genders should be self conscious about it or neither; it has an equal impact on health and equally impacts how the individual conforms to culturally accepted standards of the ideal body. There are people who are hot for extra pounds on a man, but there are at least as many who are hot for extra pounds on a woman especially if it means big tits and ass.

  • Evan

    He has a problem. Man boobs are awesome. Actually, some of the most in shape men have man boobs aka nice pecs. Saying that physical traits such as a big stomach or big boobs is unhealthy and not attractive is totally wrong. Some bears have man boobs and hey I wouldn’t mind some time with those.

  • PTBoat

    Simon Doonan represents what is wrong with culture at large and not just our gay subculture. The man is too focused on his personal likes and dislikes rather than mental and physical well being. Personally, I think his “type” is physically repulsive, but I’m certainly not going to write a book about it, nor am I going to go on talk shows to humiliate an entire group of people.

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