prop 8

Since When Did Anyone Think Banning Gay Marriage Would Make Us Straight?


Reading David Boies’ op-ed against letting Prop 8 stand is a handy summary for anyone just joining the conversation about his and Ted Olson’s federal lawsuit challenging the law. But here’s one thing we were unaware of: Deep inside the legal arguments against discrimination stands some ridiculous claim that if you disallow gays from marrying, they’ll turn straight!

We’re not sure why Boies decided to include this note, but he did: “Moreover, there is no longer any credible contention that depriving gays and lesbians of basic rights will cause them to change their sexual orientation. Even if there was, the attempt would be constitutionally defective.”

Was this ever really part of the (legal) argument against same-sex marriage? Sure, ex-gays will profess about their ability to change sexual orientations, but when it comes to legal standpoints, this is quite possibly the first time we heard anyone as reasonable as Boies contend anyone has been arguing denying marriage rights can alter biology. And that it’s an argument worth debunking.

Or maybe we’re just that far out of the Bigotland loop we just can’t keep track of all the crazypants theories they come up with. After all, they do think we’re about to legalize human-sheep marriages.