Since When Did South Boston Love Its Gays?

Apparently South Boston, the setting of every Affleck Family-directed film ever, is starting to love its gays, if this scene at a St. Patrick’s Day gathering — organized by the Facebook group “New Southie — is any indication:

At Barlow’s, the crowd celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day in a typical fashion; they wore green, conversed over drinks, and filled the bar to capacity by 11 p.m. But most of the patrons were young gay men, a phenomenon that many in the crowd said would have been impossible a few years ago in South Boston, traditionally considered a working-class, predominantly Irish Catholic neighborhood, and home to one of the biggest Saint Patrick’s Day parades in the country, which has blocked gay groups from participating. “This neighborhood has really come to accept us,” David Warner, who moved to South Boston with his partner nine years ago, said at the A Street restaurant and bar. “When we first came here, I could not have been open about being gay.”

To which I ask: Any Southie natives out there, please feel free to confirm or refute this warm fuzzy picture of acceptance. Because the one time I was in South Boston I was instructed by my then-boyfriend to stop trying to hold his hand, because he placed great value on his high cheekbones and didn’t want to get them broken.

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