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So The Hangover 2‘s Trailer Offended The MPAA, But Not The Dilemma‘s?

Warner Bros. yanked its trailer for The Hangover 2 from theaters because the fourth graders at the Motion Picture Association Of America, which holds sway over the ratings of all trailers and films, got pissed. And no, not because Bradley Cooper’s character is paging another Dr. Faggot, but because it was too raunchy.

(A trailer for the movie, which is rated R, appeared before screenings of the PG-13 The Source Code; the MPAA didn’t give permission.)

So what was the problem? A scene where the monkey puts its mouth on the man’s fake erection? Whatever.

Just note that while the MPAA has a problem with trailers that adult men doing stupid things while drunk, it does not have a problem with trailers for PG-13 films where sober adult men make “that’s so gay” jokes. (The Dilemma‘s revised trailer, sans “so gay” line, was put out not because of the MPAA’s involvement, but from the negative publicity.)

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