Something wonderful happened on Dan Levy’s birthday and he’s very grateful


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Happy 38th birthday to Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy. The gay, Canadian actor, screenwriter and producer celebrated his birthday yesterday.

Levy took to social media to say that he doesn’t normally make a big fuss over it. However, he felt moved to say something after something beautiful and unexpected happened.

To mark Levy’s birthday, a group of supporters of the Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta started a fundraiser for the institution. They managed to raise $50,000, prompting a humbled Levy to say thank you.

“An extremely generous group of people raised over $50,000 dollars for @UANativeStudies on behalf of my birthday today. Couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate. Thank you so much. ❤️”

Levy has previously vocalized his support for the UoA Faculty. Believed to be the only faculty of its kind in North America, it strives to, “produce graduates across the university who have respect for Indigenous knowledges, who are educated about Indigenous histories and contemporary issues.”

Last year, Levy publicly announced that he was signing up to undertake a free, online course with the Faculty to relearn Canadian history from an indigenous perspective. This led to a spike in online enrolment, with approximately 50,000 others following suit.

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Many were quick to wish Levy a happy birthday and thank him for encouraging them to learn more about indigenous history.

At the time of writing, the birthday fundraiser is still running for a few more hours. You can also learn more at the @DanLevyBDcard Twitter account.

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Career-wise, it was announced on the weekend that Levy’s next big project will be an animated series for Hulu. He will co-write and voice a lead character in Standing By, described by Deadline as, “a satirical look into the lives of a group of eternally bound, disgruntled guardian angels and the lessons they’ll eventually learn from not only the dysfunctional humans they’re in charge of protecting, but also each other.”