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    Lets bankrupt these scumbags……Call and send one of their 26 page hate book to everyone in your local phone book……..

  • bobito

    Gee, they’re gonna do a lot of damage to the public’s perception of gays by using sweet, romantic photos of hot boys to strengthen their argument: “Look at that cute couple. Tragic, isn’t it?”

  • Tallskin

    Why is this newspaper printing an advertisement like this???

  • jason

    Queerty makes the valid point that it is conservative straights who are far more likely to show images of male-male intimacy, albeit not for a pro-gay reason. In contrast, liberal straights tend to avoid showing images of male-male intimacy.

    If you look at the liberal straight institutions throughout America – especially the media ones – there’s a constant pattern of avoidance in relation to images of male-male intimacy.

    People magazine, Village Voice magazine, Vanity Fair magazine, Huffington Post, the music industry, the movie industry…all these organizations are known to be run by Democratic Party-voting liberals who claim to be for gay rights but never for the concept of male-male intimacy in the visual sense. Even images of moderate male-male intimacy is eschewed by these liberals.

    A picture says a thousand words. As gay and bisexual men, we need to get on the backs of these liberal organizations and demand our inclusion as far as images of our intimacy is concerned.

    One of the things that we tend to forget is that women have a big say in these liberal organizations. As I’ve pointed out to you before, women are exceptionally envious of male-male intimacy.

  • Hyhybt

    What a sweet picture on the left!

  • Enron

    Gosh, you gotta admit, they do have great taste in men, even the straight ones on the right are gorgeous (I bet they are in the closet). Wouldn’t be surprised if its a Gay Graphic designer who did the layout for them.

    Anyway, its quite obvious the people making business is under no threat, in fact, its working too good, there are over 6 billion humans world wide and we can’t even find food to feed some of them. Its expected to grow by 10 billion in the 2050’s.

    The straight men should even feel more blessed, more women around for them to make more people.

    I don’t see how my attraction is affecting others. Even if a gay man decided to be celibate, how is that making the situation better? Considering he won’t change his ways all he is doing is suppressing feelings (example Priest).

  • Mike in London UK

    The poor guys, they’ve had their nice picture abused by these idiots.

  • randy

    Jason is exactly right. And these religious bozos don’t realize that when a gay kid sees this ad, he will zero right in on the picture on the left and think to himself, wow, that’s is so cool! I didn’t realize that guys could actually be in love, and yet here they are! Thank you Jesus for showing me I’m not alone.

    At least, that’s how I saw those ads when I was young. And the more photos like that, the more it makes our case, which is exactly why I so upset that in CA, our side couldn’t even mention the words “homosexual” or “gay”, let alone show a picture of a gay couple being intimate. We need more of these images to show our young’uns that being gay is normal and okay.

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