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South Carolina Wants to Protect Teens From Dating Violence. Just Not Gay Teens


If one were a responsible lawmaker, he would want a program that educates parents on the warning signs of abusive teenage relationships to include all types of relationships — even the gay ones. But then South Carolina Republican Rep. Greg Delleney isn’t a responsible lawmaker.

As the South Carolina House debates a bill that “would require school districts to send home information or include in their student handbooks information about teen dating violence,” Rep. Delleney introduced an amendment that would limit the information to heterosexual relationships. You know, because he doesn’t “want the Department of Education or school districts to teach children in grades six through 12 about (same-sex) relationships.”

So you would think the bill’s sponsor, Republican Rep. Joan Brady, would have a problem with this anti-gay measure, right?


Brady is fine with the amendment and anticipates the bill will pass today. “My intent is to make sure that every child is protected. But the predominant occurrence of teen dating violence occurs in girl-boy relationships.”

Now you see, Rep. Brady, you just contradicted yourself. If you wanted every child protected, you would battle against the amendment. We’ve got a feeling a single phone call to the Anti-Violence Project would school you on the “less predominant occurrence” of gay dating abuse.