South Korean Trans Singer Weds

South Korean pop star Harisu married her long-time beau and rapper, Micky Chung this weekend.

The two have been together for years, but had a falling out last year. Following their breakup, the vivacious Harisu appeared on a reality show to find a new man. Seeing his beloved trolling the tube for a man inspired Chung to woo her back and propose.

Speaking to the press prior to the wedding – which Harisu’s sex change surgeon officiated – Harisu vowed, “I’ll become a housewife who is cooking well, sexy and caring.” She also informs us that she and Chung planned on having ten children, but their families objected, so they’ve settled on four. And apparently family’s very important to the couple: their parents are joining them on their honeymoon in Thailand.

We’ve included the video for Harisu’s single, “Foxy Lady”, after the jump.