Stephen Colbert: Gay Soldiers Are Already Experts At Secret Identities And Espionage

Gen. Colin Powell promised President Bill Clinton that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell would still let gay soldiers go to gay bars and gay pride parades (but not in uniform!). Sen. John McCain still believes that’s how the military operates! And while the Arizona senator doesn’t seem to recognize this is a farce, and the Pentagon loves its witch hunts, last night Stephen Colbert offered some sound advice for dealing with gay soldiers moving forward: turn them into spies, because they’re already leading doubles lives!

Also: Colbert is very sorry for using the slur “cornpacker” while testifying before Congress.

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  • rig

    I look forward to the day when sexual deviants are allowed to adopt children and serve openly in the military. I can’t believe that anyone would condemn or oppose this! I am in the Navy and I want our homosexuals to be free to tell us about their sexual deviation and I want them to be loud and proud! I want to be able to look around me and 24/7 on a 6 month deployment and take comfort in knowing that the people who I’m working closely with and sharing living quarters with are sexual deviants. I want them to be able to walk around on the boat all day long proclaiming their deviation for me and all of my fellow honorable service members to hear, including the Captain, the Commodore and all of the marines on the boat! I will not rest until sexual deviants are practicing their deviation openly, loud and proud, in full military uniform. Dear God please get them into the service. And to those of you that are in the service having to conceal your sexual deviation; thank you for your service! We’re gonna make sure you can be open, it might take some more work, but we’ll make it happen!!! God bless you guys

  • B

    Cobert missed one wisecrack: when McCain was a war prisoner, maybe they didn’t torture him to get him to talk, but in a futile attempt to get him to stop talking! That “it’s not the policy” video of McCain would try anyone’s patience.

  • bluenosedive

    @rig: WTF….o_O???

  • Vman455

    @rig: Troll much?

  • Sig

    @rig I suppose you also don’t mind that straight non-deviant soldiers are also spending military money and time on prostitutes and strip clubs :D.

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