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Steve Grand goes walking in a jockstrap through New Orleans

Three of our favorite things have come together: Steve Grand. In New Orleans. Wearing a jockstrap.

Need we say more?

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The singer just debuted the music video to his song “Walking.” The video was shot in New Orleans back in May but is just now being released.

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Writes Grand:

Happy almost-Thanksgiving, guys! Here is the lost-but-not-forgotten “Walking” Music Video we shot in New Orleans all the way back in May! My original idea didn’t quite pan out, but John Lavin (Director and Editor) did an amazing job with a lot of the silliness we captured! And after thinking on it for the last few months, I’ve decided a lot of you would probably still get a kick out of all the fun and behind the scenes silliness we had on the single day we shot all of this ? So here is our cornucopia of crazy just in times for Thanksgiving! :D


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  • Ummmm Yeah

    I’m confused by this heterosexual pure commercial.

  • drmiller

    Look, I’m happy Grand came out and has this whole new life he gets to experience to the fullest extent. He seems to have great values (if maybe a tad superficial, but so are many of us haha) which is also really great.

    But Steve, you weren’t particularly talented before you came out, and I don’t suddenly find you all that talented because you did. That song, and whatever that video can be described as, was absolutely terrible. As far as I can tell, the only reason you’re still relevant is that you have a stereotypical gay Adonis look. Drop the physical, and I doubt anyone would care. Coming out doesn’t magically make you talented. There was no artistry in anything i just saw and heard. It placated into the superficial aspect of the gay community, which isn’t necessarily a problem, but again, isn’t particularly substantive either and doesn’t, on its own merit, make it “good”.

    • jpcolter

      God, what a load of crap

    • MinnesotaNotNice

      Amen, well stated.

    • danemichael

      Agreed jpcolter.

    • jayboy

      drmiller… very astute comment!

    • Rex Huskey

      you nailed it drmiller. it’s kinda embarrassing to watch… these guys that come out and go whole hog into the professional queer world makes you wonder what are they really like….

  • Stache

    Isn’t this the same guy that was ever so pissed at the gay press for making him look slutty.

    • mattachinepodcast

      The very same. No, Steve… Just… no.

    • dean089

      Yep, “Please stop objectifying me!” and “Hey, check out my new thong!” all at the same time.

    • jayboy

      He’s clearly schizophrenic… and very sad at the same time.

  • Tobi

    “Steve Grand goes walking in a jockstrap through New Orleans.”

    umm, not in that video he didn’t.

    • AndThenTheresMax

      RIGHT?! I went through that video frame-by-frame and ain’t not boy in a jockstrap walking through New Orleans. Well that was three and half minutes I’ll never get back, EVER!

    • starshipcaptain

      It was under the jeans he was wearing. ;-)

  • Paco

    A fiber supplement commercial, for clean bottoming, starring Steve Grand.

  • buzzy58

    I don’t know what video you guys were watching, but I loved it. Steve has a great voice and the song was good. It doesn’t hurt that he is so damn GORGEOUS. I was a little disappointed when I didn’t see him walking around in a jockstrap though.

    • Alan down in Florida

      I agree with Buzzy58. This is a huge step forward from his debut CD. And for it’s likely shoestring budget the video was far from terrible. Looking forward to the new CD.

  • thisiswhatithunk

    Yikes! Hot bod, hot mess. This man has great abs and… No, that’s it, sentence finished.

  • Bradsman

    He’s a good singer! Why are gay guys so catty to each other?

    • paul dorian lord fredine

      it’s called jealousy.

    • Brian

      Sigh. It is not jealousy. It’s because this video, song, and person are completely ridiculous.

      Plus, it’s the internet. That’s how it goes here.

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    nice voice, good bod, fun song. period.

  • Prax07

    Meh… he’s no hotter or different than a million other guys on Tumblr or Pornhub. The voice too, nothing special or stand out about it.

  • Lvng1Tor

    Weird that people are so committed to making negative comments on things that are completely subjective and they claim not to care about!?!

  • ShowMeGuy

    His songs are great. I sneak them into the line-up at family cookouts and parties and even the straight folks like him.
    The fact he is sex on legs gorgeous doesn’t hurt, either.

  • nitejonboy

    So I turned the volume off cause the song sucked, then I had to stop watching all together cause the video sucked as well…total suckage. Give it up Grand, just become a porn star, shaking your ass is the only thing you’re good at.

  • Brian

    Is the choreography intentionally supposed to be that bad? Because that’s really, really, really embarrassing.

    And I think this song is an excellent illustration why this guy is known as an Instagram himbo and not a musician. It’s pretty bad, it sounds like something he made on an iPad. I thought he was supposed to be a country musician?

  • ham

    Queerty, you are so full of s**t. He does not go walking in underwear. On the oficial video there are two separate one second in a room where one maya see the top of a jockstrap. Don’t blink or you will miss teh half image not showing anything! All indoors by the way.

    He’s cute, dances well, catchy tune, but the video is super silly and a bunch unrelated images.

  • danemichael

    I liked it. I might have liked it better if he was in a jock strap, but I like him and his voice. It is nice to see a gay man, singing a song about his love for another man and not some a woman.

  • wwerts1

    Damn he look fine in a jocks need more pic like these to show off

  • re_horst

    my eyes are pretty crappy. anyone else see him in a jockstrap??

  • jd.cali

    “How Can You Love Me?” I have no clue. That was Cringe-worthy gay cliche auto tuned crappy commercial for Pure for men made on a dime budget. Just no.

  • batesmotel

    This was surprisingly not a bad song. It was pretty good. Steve Grand is a babe and with a good voice, but the video itself wasn’t that great. The waving the rainbow flag and some of the stereotypical gay fads in it were a bit much.

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