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Steve Grand goes walking in a jockstrap through New Orleans

Three of our favorite things have come together: Steve Grand. In New Orleans. Wearing a jockstrap.

Need we say more?

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The singer just debuted the music video to his song “Walking.” The video was shot in New Orleans back in May but is just now being released.

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Writes Grand:

Happy almost-Thanksgiving, guys! Here is the lost-but-not-forgotten “Walking” Music Video we shot in New Orleans all the way back in May! My original idea didn’t quite pan out, but John Lavin (Director and Editor) did an amazing job with a lot of the silliness we captured! And after thinking on it for the last few months, I’ve decided a lot of you would probably still get a kick out of all the fun and behind the scenes silliness we had on the single day we shot all of this ? So here is our cornucopia of crazy just in times for Thanksgiving! 😀


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