Strip Tease: 7 Queer Web Comics You Should Be Reading

Young Protectors & Artifice
Alex Woolfson (writer)

A new ongoing series from Alex Woolfson’s Yaoi911 site, Young Protectors centers on two super-powered characters: Kyle, a closeted teen hero, and the villainous Annihilator, who also happens to be gay. The two titans meet, ironically, at a gay bar Kyle has snuck into. After a few punches are thrown, the Annihilator stops the fight and questions Kyle’s desire to be closeted. Along the way the reader sees that perhaps he’s not such a two-dimensional bad guy after all. The series, which just got under way, is energized by artwork from Adam DeKraker and colors by Veronica Gandini.

Though now finished, Yaoi911’s Artifice (written by Woolfson with art by Winona Nelson) is a gay romance set in the far future, where homosexuality is borderline illegal but android assassins are perfectly fine—until those androids begin to fall in love. When robot killer Deacon fails to slaughter the last member of a rebellious colony, Dr. Maven is called in to analyze how independent thought can spring from a pre-programmed heart.



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  • Callum

    You forgot an excellent long term strip. Adam & Andy “The thrillingly mundane adventures of two guys in love” by James Asal, Jr.

  • zaneymcbanes

    I really enjoyed this post! I’m always looking for stuff like this, but I can never find it.

  • Mjl-428

    I found a new comic to read today

  • prostock69

    Here are so more gay comics that I follow:

    Teahouse (The most popular and most stunning comic right on the web worldwide. If you buy the comic books, you’ll get the full sex scenes plus there are bonus pages as well. So worth the money):

    Starfighter (Love this one!!):

    Always Raining

    Tripping Over You

    The Element of Surprise

    Ship Jumper

  • paladin27

    *Sigh* These comics, as well as every other comic I’ve seen with gay characters; are so stereotypical, and just cheesy… Not to mention the art in them isn’t so great. I’ve been working on stories to many graphic novels, and video games; that have heterosexual characters in them, as well as gay- and I made sure to present the gay characters in ways comics and video games have not yet done so.

    I thought that it would be great to actually create a story with the two male heroes in it ending up being lovers. I wanted to do something different, and also wanted to see how even heterosexuals would treat the characters. I’m very pleased with it so far because the reactions of the two heroes have been positive surprisingly.

    I decided to do a lot of studying about male/male relationships and how they were viewed in the ancient world, and learned a lot of interesting things, that of course the media never accurately portrays in movies, even when the characters are gay. I made both characters masculine, there is no emulating male/female dynamic- which means they don’t use terms like “boyfriend, or husband” and there is no talk of marriage between them. There are scenes in which they are intimate with each other, though there is absolutely no indication of one being the “top” and the other being the “bottom”- warriors in ancient times did not engage in such roles- and just had genital to genital sex, and did not want to emulate male/female by penetrating or being penetrated. I learned that there are a lot of gay men even today who follow the ideal view of male/male relationships as it was seen in ancient times. I thought it was quite interesting, cool, even beautiful so I wanted to show that.

    I put a lot of detail in the story- both characters and their personalities, as well as how their relationship starts and develops, given the fact that the two of them aren’t even meant to be friends as one of them is part of a class that is used as mindless weapons. Takes place in a post apocalyptic world, which got that way when someone wanting to play god, started messing with and merging science with magical/demonic stuff; its being called “Battle Requiem”, and you’ll see it around soon available for download and later paper, as well as a game later.

  • djtuffpuppy

    Briar Hollow by Terry Blas. Not super-gay like most gay web comics, but more about coming out and accepting who you are… etc…

  • Valerie

    @paladin27: Did you actually *read* TJ & Amal? Your criticism really makes it seem like you didn’t and are just criticizing these comics because they don’t conform to the “ideal” comic that you described yourself writing. TJ & Amal are not stereotypes and they don’t fall into any kind of male/female dynamic.

  • Betty_Smith

    There is no denying, these webcomics are awesome and fantastic. But the fact that they are ‘targeted’ for a particular audience is also certain. This is the only reason why we cannot promote them openly. I love ‘go get a roomie’ for that matter.


  • DITRbyJymShipman

    You must check the gay comic strip “Diamond in the Rough” by Jym Shipman.
    It is about a gay young man named Brandon and his family and friends who all
    live in Toledo Ohio. It is a very sweet strip that demonstraits an
    everyday gay life in the midwest.

    Check it out on Facebook
    Or on the web

    You can also check it out in print in Outlook Magazine

    See you in the funny pages

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