Strip Tease: 7 Queer Web Comics You Should Be Reading

Young Protectors & Artifice
Alex Woolfson (writer)

A new ongoing series from Alex Woolfson’s Yaoi911 site, Young Protectors centers on two super-powered characters: Kyle, a closeted teen hero, and the villainous Annihilator, who also happens to be gay. The two titans meet, ironically, at a gay bar Kyle has snuck into. After a few punches are thrown, the Annihilator stops the fight and questions Kyle’s desire to be closeted. Along the way the reader sees that perhaps he’s not such a two-dimensional bad guy after all. The series, which just got under way, is energized by artwork from Adam DeKraker and colors by Veronica Gandini.

Though now finished, Yaoi911’s Artifice (written by Woolfson with art by Winona Nelson) is a gay romance set in the far future, where homosexuality is borderline illegal but android assassins are perfectly fine—until those androids begin to fall in love. When robot killer Deacon fails to slaughter the last member of a rebellious colony, Dr. Maven is called in to analyze how independent thought can spring from a pre-programmed heart.