STUDY: Gay Men, Bi Women Most Likely To Be Victim Of Domestic Violence

A new study from the Williams Institute published in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence indicates that bisexual women and gay men are more likely to be the victims of domestic violence than individuals with other sexual orientations.

Sampling the 2007-2008 California Health Interview Survey, the report found that bisexual women had “elevated risks of experiencing intimate partner violence compared with heterosexual women, lesbians and women who have sex with women over the course of the lives and in the past year.” Notably, in 95% of those incidents, the perpetrator was male.

Gay-identified men had a higher risk of intimate-partner violence as compared with heterosexual and bisexual men, and “men who have sex with men but do not identify as gay or bisexual,” the study indicated. In almost all (97%) of the episodes cited, the perpetrator was male.

Two factor that predicted domestic violence were binge drinking and a history of “psychological distress,” but researchers say that doesn’t explain the disparities among orientations.

While this is certainly distressing news, some outside factors might be at play: If you accept that men are more physically aggressive than women, it wouldn’t be surprising that male-on-male partner violence is more common than female-on-male  or female-on-female attacks. Furthermore, bisexual women may feel more comfortable reporting intimate-partner violence than their heterosexual counterparts because they have already stepped outside societal “norms” to some degree and feel less pressure to keep it quiet.

Just some food for thought.


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