STUDY: Gays More Monogamous Now Than In The Swinging ’70s

A new study published in the September issue of Family Process reveals that the percentage of gay men who cheated on their partner dropped from 83% in 1975 to  59% in 2000. For lesbians, the rate dwindled from  28% to 8% in the same period.

The study, conducted by San Franciso’s Alliant International University, surveyed 6,684 gay and straight couples in the two time periods on a variety of areas besides fidelity, including housework, finances, communication and decision-making. The gays and lesbians in the study were either in civil unions or committed relationships.

Researchers attribute the shift in queer monogamy to both the specter of AIDS and increased acceptance of same-sex couples in society.

We hypothesize the advent of online porn helped too.

Oh, and if anyone cares, the percentage of heterosexual men who cheated on their wives dropped from 28% in 1975 to 10% in 2000; among married women, it fizzled from 23% to 14%. Was there some advancement in vibrator technology we don’t know about?

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